October 29, 2019

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Be inspired by metallic decor

Metal is a highly versatile, hygienic and green material making it ideal for use within home interior design projects. Hard wearing and capable of being recycled metal lasts a lifetime when looked after properly. The inclusion of metal and metallic effect tiles together with other metal finishes provides a unique palette of materials to decorate and create a design statement. Depending on how it is used metallic décor can be sophisticated and elegant or industrial and raw. With its shimmering and reflective qualities the possibilities are endless in terms of creating dramatic effects. Here below we look at some of the more inspiring ways metallic finishes can be featured in home décor.

Metal surfaces are hygienic, hard wearing and resistant to chemicals

One of the most practical applications of metal in the home is within the kitchen. The reason that most restaurant and catering kitchens use metal surfaces to prepare food and clad their walls is because metal is easily cleaned and extremely hygienic, as well as being resistant to harsh chemicals. These qualities are equally practical when introduced into the home. A metal kitchen backsplash, metal kitchen cabinet doors, worktops etc. either using sheet metal or metal effect tiles. Metal is in addition immune to termites and other insect infestations.

The decorative properties of metallic tiles

The decorative properties of metallic effect tiles are another reason to use them in the kitchen. If three dimensional volume or light relief is added to the tiles, as is the case with the metallic metro tiles and some metallic mosaic tiles the wall can acquire a sculptural aspect. This choice of finish can also reflect the light, both natural and artificial, in unexpected ways. When used in the kitchen the overall effect can be striking creating a feature wall that can inspire the overall ambience. For the optimum effect the correct under cabinet lighting should be incorporated into the design layout. This will highlight the reflective qualities of the metallic effect tiles with mood lighting in the evenings.

The advantages of metallic effect tiles in the bathroom

The bathroom is another area of the home where metallic effect tiles can both be practical and aesthetic. Advances in technology have allowed the specific properties of metal to be harnessed for floor and wall tiles. The choice is wide and varied, from platinum, brass and aluminium to titanium. The finish can be uniform, as with sheet metal or recreate the patina of age with rust effects. Large format metallic effect tiles used in shower cubicle areas have the added advantage of minimal joints and reduced maintenance. Metallic effect tiles are easily combined with other materials like wood, glass and ceramic in the bathroom and are especially good with white ceramic bathroom sanitary ware.



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  1. Looking for copper 3D tiles for my kitchen saw in your showroom before lockdown. The sample was a square on a hanger . Different shades and small square design of copper shades. Could you let me know the price per square feet and l let you know how many l need.
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    1. Dear Kathryn,
      Our staff in Porcelanosa UK will be contacting you very shortly regarding this matter.
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