September 15, 2022


Meliana Home: ceramic wood as a unifying element in the home

This project is typified by its personal style, the use of natural light, and the floor's visual continuity

This house, located in the Valencian municipality of Meliana, features interiors and exteriors connected through the use of ceramic wood and neutral colours, projecting a welcoming, open and relaxing atmosphere throughout. The decorative elements add an extra touch of distinction.

Connected spaces

La madera cerámica es la base y fundamento de la atmósfera cálida de la vivienda. Gracias a las propiedades técnicas de la cerámica, que se fusionan con la apariencia de la madera, se ha aplicado el modelo PAR-KER® Ascot Arce, de Porcelanosa, como pavimento general de la vivienda y de la terraza. El parquet cerámico se prolonga por la terraza gracias al sistema de suelo elevado exterior de Butech, que mantiene las baldosas al mismo nivel y permite filtrar el agua de lluvia a través de las juntas abiertas del pavimento.

Spaces brimming with light

The furniture's neutral colours create harmony within the main living room area, which is connected to the kitchen and dining room to create a truly multifunctional space. The luminosity, one of the home's most outstanding features, is accentuated by the skylight located in the corridor which allows you to enjoy the very last moments of sunlight each day.

The prominence of the living-dining room has been enhanced through the use of accessories, using cool tones to ensure the importance of the space. Lamps, large mirrors and chairs complete the space, adding a real sense of character.

The fusion between practical and versatile kitchen design (E6.70 Nogal Seda by Gamadecor and the Spring taps by Noken) and the elegance of the central island, represented in this case by a monolithic block located in the middle of the room, offer a discreet and functional style which is perfect for everyday use. The wardrobe in this room has been coated with the Bottega Caliza model by XTONE, a resistant and decorative material thanks to its cement-like appearance.

A cosy bathroom

En sintonía con el resto de la casa, el dominio de la madera en el cuarto de baño es el protagonista. Su aplicación en pavimento y revestimiento (PAR-KER® Lexington Maple, de Porcelanosa) facilita la integración del blanco en los diferentes elementos que lo componen, como la bañera exenta y de tipo escultural (modelo Arche), los lavabos ovalados y la superficie del lavabo, de Krion®, que se combina con los sanitarios Essence C y la grifería Tono, de Noken.

The fantastic attention to detail is also evident in the selection of installation materials, profiles and showers by Butech. In addition to their excellent technical features, they perfectly complement the chosen ceramic models.

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