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Mediterranean style: a taste of summer in every part of the home

The white and blue pairing and the spaces with light, freshness and vitality are just some of the key parts in this type of atmosphere.

PORCELANOSA Grupo has the latest innovations in floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom accessories and even kitchen furniture with which it achieves this look in any room.

Having a house that faces the sea is a privilege that is only available for a few fortunate souls. Its views, smells and the sensations which it gives off are unique and unrepeatable. As an alternative, Porcelanosa Group promotes bringing the Mediterranean closer to home through decor which, turns this trend into a way of living.

The key points

Mediterranean style has its origin in the culture and architecture spread throughout the Mediterranean basin that includes many countries, namely: Spain, southern France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Morocco. It is committed to outdoor spaces and plenty of incoming natural light. The colours used are clear and warm; it includes elements and furniture made with natural material such as wood or rattan.

Mediterranean colours: the calmness of white. The depth of blue

If there is a dominant colour in Mediterranean houses, then it is white. In countries with a lot of light and a warm climate, this offers freshness and vitality; it helps to increase the spaciousness and serenity of the spaces as well. Mediterranean houses traditionally have white facades which enhance light reflection. This tone is also used in floor tiles, wall tiles and decor elements.


The other leading colour in this style is blue, which is clearly inspired by the sea. A colour which can be used for doors, windows, decor and even furniture.

Mediterranean houses with PORCELANOSA Grupo

Mediterranean lounges: get-togethers and downtime

Being one of the most used spaces at home, the living-room must be cosy, and at the same time exclusive. In the private sphere, it is the most popular room for enjoying some downtime in, whereas for those family or friend get-togethers, it is usually used as a place to meet up in. For this reason, we ought to choose durable and easy-to-maintain materials which allow areas like carpets or the entire flooring itself to stand out, like the STON-KER Bluestone ceramic stone inspired by the hydraulic tile from Porcelanosa.


If it is white that you are after, Venis has its new Artic collection based on the essence of marble to convey the freshness of Ibiza.

Mediterranean-styled bathrooms: harmony with views  

Practicality is key for a Mediterranean bathroom. The Tono collection, designed by Foster+Partners, is perfect for this space since it combines functionality and Premium character. We also have the Nature series from Noken, which provides a great storage capacity through its wall-hung basin with oakwood furniture and the mirror-cabinet with a hidden compartment.


For flooring and wall tiles, it is worth highlighting the Par-ker collections from Porcelanosa because of their anti-slip and easy-to-clean properties. As well as that, they can be used in the shower, resulting in a uniform design throughout the room.

Mediterranean kitchens: white and very practical

The Emotions E3.70 kitchen from Gamadecor is a perfectly suitable option because of its shape and its white-wood combination. In a stratified Blanco Glass and Blanco Emotions matt finish, transparent glass shelves and a flush pull handle, this model is mainly made of natural material and it provides a spacious workspace and a big counter area, too.


Mediterránea is also the ceramic collection from L’Antic Colonial, which is inspired by water movement, along with the light reflections over the sea. An atmosphere which is moved to the kitchen in the shape of a wall tile. As well as that, it is even used for the backsplash.

The new colours from the KRIONTM Solid Surface meet the needs of both Mediterranean kitchens and the rest of the atmospheres in the home. For instance, there is Crystal White, the latest colour from the mineral compact which consists of 20% recycled material. Beige and grey shards and transparent glass chips on an off-white base which conveys freshness. All of this and the benefits of: durability, hygiene and easy cleaning offered by KrionTM; go towards making it the ideal material for the different rooms in the home, namely the kitchen.

Mediterranean-styled terraces: infinite spaces

Open to the outside, Mediterranean houses usually count on spacious terraces overlooking the sea. We are dealing with high-demand areas which require material which guarantees the highest durability, along with easy maintenance, namely: the Kaos collection from Urbatek. A porcelain tile inspired by sand colours which counts on the most cutting-edge ceramic technology. As well as that, Starwood guarantees durability, and its ability to withstand humidity and direct sunlight. All of this in a natural wood aesthetic.

Butech also offers a raised access flooring system for exteriors which has been designed to create non-gradient flat surfaces. The result is a terrace in daily use, with all the guarantees from Porcelanosa as far as quality is concerned.


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