May 19, 2022


Moixent residence reflects new Mediterranean design

The house, designed by architect Miguel Ángel Ferri, features two symmetrical levels and collections by PORCELANOSA to integrate the home into the landscape.

The home is located in a quiet residential area of Moixent (Valencia), and features two symmetrical levels, fully integrated into the landscape.
The project is the work of architect Miguel Ángel Ferri and interior designer Juan Lluch, who opted for a scheme based on rational and simple forms, and a scale of shades between grey and white. PORCELANOSA collections in these two main colours have been used to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, drawing them together under the same aesthetic.

To lend further personality to the architecture, Ferri and his team decided to place the building materials centre stage, using open, minimalist structures and light as a central element.

Natural textures and neutral colours

This architectural balance is brought to life with large format Berna floor tiles in Acero by Porcelanosa, used throughout the interior and also outside (entrance stairs, porch and terrace). They were installed with Super-Flex S2 adhesive by Butech. Closely resembling natural stone, the material provides a subtle contrast with the Nordic style furnishings and large format marble inspired wall tiles (Aria White by XTONE). These surfaces have the effect of visually extending the open-plan living area and Gamadecor kitchen into other rooms, strengthening the sense of infinite design so characteristic of the project.

Ceramic wood and warm lighting

The upper level, reached via a cantilevered staircase with ceramic wood steps (Nobu Arce by Porcelanosa), boasts a warmer interior design scheme with beige and earthy hues, lightweight textiles and soft lighting. The décor breathes a sense of peace and quiet, achieved with Nobu Arce ceramic parquet flooring by Porcelanosa (throughout the upper level) as well as Old Natural wall tiles, and the undulating, cement-textured Newport Natural, both by Porcelanosa. The latter two series highlight the organic interior design of one of the main bathrooms, also featuring Round taps by Noken.

A similar aesthetic line runs through another of the main bathrooms, featuring wood-look ceramic wall tiles (Lexington Colonial by Porcelanosa) and Marmi China, also from the firm. This is a space designed for wellness and personal care, where Touch & Feel taps by Noken add an extra zen accent.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Miguel Ángel Ferri

Interior design: Juan Lluch

Construction company: Vicente José Vidal Rivera

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