June 7, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Mediterránea & Faces: create the ideal porcelain mix with L’Antic Colonial

Porcelain is one of the most versatile and multi-use materials. Apart from offering high resistance and easy-to-clean properties, porcelain is also characterised by providing a wide range of designs and options which turn out to be incredibly elegant for both architecture and interior design.

Inside its range of ceramic products, available for both private spaces at home and large areas and high-traffic spaces; L’Antic Colonial offers various series of ceramic wall tiles with a unique touch. Not only are they a highly-sophisticated distinguishing choice, but they can also be excellently combined together, thus, even showing a state of mind in that atmosphere.

L’Antic Colonial offers numerous options for combinations. PORCELANOSA Grupo’s firm does itself credit thanks to two of its most lively and audacious series of wall tiles: the Mediterránea collection and the Faces collection.

Mediterránea collection

The Mediterránea collection is a faithful representation of movement. Its polished and carefully irregular surface simulates colours dissolved in water, as if they had been dyed to the beat of a watercolour. The collection, conceived specially in order to be integrated into bathroom spaces, includes up to eighteen different models of wall tiles, highlighting among others some six different colour tones and three formats: one of them is square, and two more are rectangular ones.

Faces collection:

Audacious and daring are two adjectives which perfectly define the Faces collection by L’Antic Colonial. Lively polyhedral-surface pieces which are combined together making up a sumptuous network of volumes. Either in a hexagonal format or a square one, Faces provides sophistication and uniqueness in any surface where it is installed, and what is more, it offers high quality and easy maintenance properties. The colour tones of the Faces collection are also diverse, ranging from matte white and black, to silver and gold gloss. An ideal design for modern spaces that want to shine.

By combining both collections together, we achieve in providing every interior space with an extra touch of character, thus, showing excellence, originality and a sense of contemporaneity.

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