March 21, 2019 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Matt from Porcelanosa takes white to a new level

This collection offers three decors and 100cmx100cm flooring from HIGHKER™Premium ceramics.

Each of these pieces gives greater brightness to those spaces which can be interpreted in a new way.

In order to make rooms brighter and have the design renovated, the Matt collection from Porcelanosa has gone a step further regarding both the use and the concept of white.


Enveloping textures for all types of spaces

The rectified Matt White porcelain tile flooring has been designed in a 59.6cm x 59.6cm format, and also in the large 100cmx100cm format, which is included in HIGHKERTM Premium ceramics from Porcelanosa. Both products make it possible to have the rooms joined through their visual continuity.


With the Matt ceramic wall tiles, three decors are included, namely: Mosaico Matt, Line Matt and Stripe Matt in the 45cmx120cm format. These designs revitalise spaces, providing greater lightness through their light and texture combination.

A chromatic review of the space limits.

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