July 16, 2020


Summer special: Resistant materials for gardens and terraces

Urbatek is committed to outdoor spaces that remain unchanged regardless of harsh weather and the passage of time, making use of impermeable, durable and resistant materials.

With the arrival of summer, the terraces and outdoor spaces of our homes become the main focus of activity for social gatherings. However, taking care of these precious spaces involves much more than covering the furniture, lighting, ornaments and plants during the cold months.

Unlike decorative elements, terraces and gardens are immovable, and they are exposed throughout the year to sudden changes in temperature, storms and winds.For this reason, one of the safest and most recommendable solutions to protect them from the weather is to fit them out with high-quality outdoor materials that meet 3 key criteria: they adapt to the overall design of the home; to the climate of the place where the home is located; and they are extremely resistant.

Urbatek, the PORCELANOSA Group firm specialising in large-format porcelain for outdoor use, proposes some of its best collections. These guarantee the resistance, durability and timeless design of these comfortable and relaxing outdoor spaces.

  1. XTONE, the unbreakable hero

Ceramic floor tiles for terraces have become one of the most popular options on the market due to the many advantages they offer. The aseptic properties of XTONE have made it a compact 100% mineral with low porosity ideal for ensuring spaces remain hygienic. Moreover, its high impermeability, UV resistance and resistance to ice and frost has meant that it is now considered by professionals in the sector as an optimal material for both indoors and outdoors.

Another point in favour of XTONE is that its simple cleaning and maintenance means that terraces and gardens can stay looking clean and tidy with minimal effort throughout the year.

Bottega, terraces with personality

The Bottega collection from XTONE combines the natural tonality of cement with the resistance of ceramic. Greyish, elegant, industrial looking and with the possibility to apply anti-slip technology to ensure stability even when damp, the large size of this Urbatek series makes it possible to create a visual sense of continuity.

    1. Oxide shades for rustic gardens and terraces

    A collection that allows for the creation of outdoor ambiences with a rustic design that integrates with the natural environment.

    Inspired by the worn aesthetics of oxidised steel, XTONE translates the strong personality of metal into the Oxide Brown collection, evoking elegant and sober spaces thanks to the shiny textures concentrated on its surface.

    Oxide Brown collection

    Its surface is reminiscent of oxidised ancient rocks, giving outdoor spaces a more rustic, original feel.

Ageless neutrality with Stuc

With sandstone as the starting point, the Stuc collection reformulates gardens and terraces through a wide range of neutral tones that shape versatile, warm and timeless designs. Its textured volumes and finishes give it an anti-slip guarantee to avoid possible accidents.

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