June 16, 2020


The best materials from Venis for ventilated façades

The firm has perfected its ceramic collections with more natural finishes and textures that improve the resistance and impermeability of buildings.

The technological advances Venis has achieved over the last few years have allowed it to improve the aesthetic and technical qualities of its main collections. Although the use of its ceramic products was initially mainly intended for residential housing, the diversification it has carried out at its production centres has led it to explore new formats and markets, as the contract and hotel sector grows.  

It is in this area that the firm has noted more growth, with a large part of its human and research resources being devoted to the design and development of multi-purpose collections for ceramic façades. Inspired by wood, marble or natural stone, Venis has transferred the colours, textures and details of these natural materials to new-generation ceramics, obtaining an optimal and lasting result in each series.

Materials for more resistant and exclusive façades

Stone effect façades

The firm’s extensive catalogue lets us choose between more realistic or abstract pieces. The former would include collections such as Persa or Newport, which increase the resistance, durability and insulation of buildings when used on exterior façades. Persa reproduces the chromatic contrasts of multi-colour slate in its three shades: Silver, Dark and Natural, and it can be used on floors (100 cm x 100 cm and 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm) and on walls. With 20 different graphics, this porcelain stoneware is resistant to extreme temperatures and it requires almost no maintenance.

Newport is part of the Premium range from the firm, and its cement-like finish reinforces the hardness and resistance of the façades in their different formats and shades: Beige, White, Natural, Grey, Dark Grey and Steel. If you are looking for more sobriety, the Nature line presents a more discreet graphic using a balanced colour variation.

Among the best-selling collections is Ferroker, a material with a rust finish in different colours and formats which, when used on façades, enhances the strength of the constructions.

Ceramic wood façades

Another option for façades with wood-inspired ceramics. Starwood (Porcelanosa Group) is one such an example, in its various versions: 25 x 150 cm, 16.5 x 150 cm, 22 x 90 cm and 14.3 x 90 cm, which can also combine with other pieces either vertically or horizontally.

Resistant to rain, humidity, high temperatures and the sun, the five collections and 25 shades remain intact for longer due to their integrity in adverse weather, and resistance to impact and chemical agents. To correctly install these ceramic models, we recommend using technical and adhesive solutions for Butech’s ventilated façades.

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