March 6, 2023


The best materials for kitchen worktops

These surfaces enhance the room with their multiple textures, colours and finishes

The worktop has gone from being a work area to becoming a design element that transforms the décor of the room. The design and composition of the material are a perfect combination.

When choosing material for the worktop surface, check that it meets the following requirements:

Hygiene. The composition of the worktop prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The fact that the material is non-porous means that liquids are not absorbed and smells cannot build up.
Resilience. It can withstand extreme temperatures and is resistant to scratches and the impact of heavy objects.
Design. It is designed so that the worktop and the splashback form a continuous surface.

Sintered stone worktops

These are becoming a very popular option for kitchen surfaces. This versatile material combines easily with hobs, sinks, splashbacks, extractor fans and other kitchen units.

Sintered stone has numerous technical properties that make it the ideal material for kitchen worktops. Interesting design trends for sintered stone surfaces include:

Wood. The latest version of the wood look adds a modern, contemporary touch to any kitchen (Kitchen by Gamadecor Emotions 9.30 kitchen with XTONE Ewood Camel E4.00 Krion Blanco Snow).
Innovative surfaces. Models like Viola Rossé and Taj Mahal by XTONE feature textures, finishes and veining that reflect the natural essence of the material.

Natural stone worktops

Granite and quartzite are also possible materials for a kitchen worktop. Fine, delicate material that also allows you to design elegant rooms. However, it should be remembered that these types of stone require care and maintenance to preserve them and ensure their durability.

Inspired by nature, dark tones predominate in natural stone surfaces, creating deep, suggestive spaces (Gamadecor kitchen E7.30 Roble Noche Cristal Ultra Grey+Altissima Selvaggio Green and backlit Baobab Altissima surface by XTONE).

Compact mineral worktops

Another excellent material for kitchen worktops is compact mineral or solid surface. Krion® LUX, available from PORCELANOSA Group, is a durable moulded material that can be thermoformed easily to create surfaces that adapt to any space without visible joins and without corners, preventing the accumulation of dirt. Continuous, smooth surfaces can thus be produced in a wide range of colours.

The material can be machined and shaped to create customised solutions in which the sink (single- or double-bowl) is integrated into the worktop and the splashback.

The high mineral content of Krion® makes it resistant to fire, chemical products, scratches, cracks and knocks. Maintenance is simple, so surfaces can be kept clean and disinfected at all times.

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