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Using marble in the kitchen

While high tech alternatives for kitchen worktops come and go the lasting qualities of marble are always in fashion. Marble is a natural stone rich in calcium, it is associated with luxury and elegance and if looked after property it can last a life time, and even longer. Making it an ideal candidate as a kitchen worktop idea.

The word marble derives from the Greek term for crystalline rock or shiny stone. This is the very quality that lends it a special luminance and weight when used within the kitchen. Although there are several speciality colour varieties white and black marbles are the most commonly available, normally streaked or veined in a contrasting tone. Depending on the source, Carrara, Statuario, Calacatta or Markina for example, the veining can be more or less dominant within the overall effect.

Kitchen worktop ideas: Marble

There are several practical considerations to take into account when deciding on a kitchen worktop. It must be a practical surface for cutting and preparing, be attractive and resistant to moisture, non porous and above all else, hygienic. Marble fulfils all these requirements and is one of the best kitchen worktop options.

Black and white marble worktops for the kitchen

Choosing the right shade, tone and pattern is a question of personal taste. A completely black marble kitchen may be overpowering while a completely white marble kitchen worktop might be considered antiseptic. Combining contrasting shades of black and white can produce a more pleasing result.

The combination of complimentary tones of white and black can be achieved with the combination of different elements within the design such as the worktop, backsplash, wall tiles or cladding, decorative objects or even kitchen utensils like over-sized salt and pepper mills placed on the counter or worktop.

Practical considerations

When choosing marble for a kitchen worktop it’s important to think through all the details. For example how to integrate the kitchen sink within the worktop. Normally the lip of a stainless steel sink will sit underneath or above the marble. The final result can be very different between one option and the other. The hob also needs to be considered.

The backsplash is also important, if its matches the marble colour the final result can be very attractive, but a contrasting tone can also look good. Remember to consider how high above the counter top the backsplash should reach. Marble could also be used to clad the wall between the worktop and the underside of the overhead kitchen cabinets.

Details matter

The thickness and the edge detail are also important in terms of the performance and the overall appearance. A rounded edge has a softer, less harsh feel in comparison to a square or bevel edge, other options combine a more sculpted profile. In general the thicker the marble slab for the kitchen worktop the more expensive, but also the more long lasting and robust.

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