20 July 2023

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Marble Effect Tiles: 6 Options to Transform Home Décor

It’s hard to beat the sophistication and elegance of marble. Its unique characteristics and aesthetic qualities explain its special appeal. Nowadays, however, with marble effect tiles, we can easily luxuriate in the beauty and performance of this timeless material in our homes.

Marble inspires creativity in kitchens, elevating the sense of occasion when cooking and entertaining. In bathrooms, marble converts daily ablutions into something almost sacred. And nothing makes a statement like marble cladding in the entrance. Certainly, with marble effect tiles, home décor oozes elegance, adds value and elevates hum drum living into something more noble.

With the evolutionary advances in porcelain combined with high-resolution printing, marble effect tiles are more affordable today than ever before. When it comes to maintenance, resistance and day-to-day upkeep, these tiles are hard to beat. The following marble-effect tiles perfectly illustrate inspirational marble-effect porcelain tiles in different areas around the home.

mottled light-grey tone marble effect tile


Effortless Elegance: White Marble Effect Tiles

Of all the different colour options we associate with marble, white remains the most classic and reliable choice. This also goes for white marble floor tiles. The many advantages include its reflective qualities, especially the polished finish. This adds luminance in spaces,‘particularly suited to áreas where we want to make a good impression.

The Polished marvel effect floor tiles are ideal for spaces where clean and bright surfaces add to the ambience. This includes not only bathrooms but also kitchens and living areas that benefit from the chic and atemporal design of marble.

The dimensions of these spaces are visually exaggerated thanks to the reflective qualities of the polished finish. Light and furniture sitting on the flooring, for example, get mirrored beneath, opening up the room volume. Additionally, marble effect tiles are ideal for underfloor heating and add a stylish and distinguished look to the UK living room.

Living room with polished white marble effect tile floor
Marvel effect tile from Marvel collection by Porcelanosa



Application: Floor tile

Appearance: Grey-white

Finish: Polished



Classic Bathroom Elegance

The holy grail of bathroom finishes is the continuous marble surface. Marble is ideal for protecting walls and transporting us back to historical baths and Spa buildings. Marble effect bathroom tiles harness the beauty of the material and the strength and resistance of porcelain.

The veining pattern of the Massa wall tile features grey veining against a white background. These large format tiles help create a visually homogenous look where book-matched patterns line up. Thus, the Massa veining appears to be fluid throughout the space and the finish evokes hygiene and cleanliness. The predominantly white reflective colour helps reflect radiance into the space while the grey adds character.

Large format marble effect tiles on a bathroom wall
Massa marble effect tile by Porcelanosa


59.6 × 150

Application: Wall tile

Appearance: White-grey

Finish: Polished



Striking Contrast: Black Marble Effect Tiles

For creating pure drama in home décor, nothing compares to moody marble finishes. Dark and characterful marble, if handled correctly, can convert hum-drum spaces into designer décor with a marked architectural quality.

Black marble effect tiles are especially suitable for en-suites, kitchen backsplashes and islands, entrance halls, or even dining areas. Anywhere, in fact where a sense of drama adds to the use of the space. Black when handled with care can be traditional or very modern and fresh feeling.

Nylo Noir Polished is suitable for floors and walls, its powerful aesthetic works magic on more extensive surfaces. Like a painter’s canvas, these marble effect tiles need space to fully realise their potential. When combined for floors and walls, however, the look is immersive. Nylo Noir Polished can bring theatrical exuberance and artistic clout to the functional and more public areas of the home.

Black marble effect tile on a fireplace wall

Nylo Noir marble effect tile by Porcelanosa


120 × 120

Application: Floor & Wall tile

Appearance: Black with golden flecks

Finish: Polished



Contemporary Chic: Grey Marble Effect Tiles

Over recent years, the colour grey has emerged as a favourite trend in home décor. Grey always looks stylish and has an effortless contemporary quality. Nevertheless, in order to avoid design cliches, we recommend a more nuanced approach. Grey marble effect tiles possess all the beauty of this highly versatile and neutral tone but with an added extra.

The Indic tile has a rich grey veining that lends a mottled light-grey tone against a white background. Characterful grey combines with almost anything. It is highly contemporary and is as powerful when combined with white, as it is with stronger colours. Furthermore, grey marble effect tiles are suitable for floors given their ability to camouflage scuff marks and dirt.

Living room with grey marble effect tiles on floors and walls
Indic grey marble effect tile by Porcelanosa


Application: Floor & Wall tile

Appearance: Grey-white

Finish: Matt



Beautiful Marble Tiles to Frame Your Style

One of the unique characteristics of marble is how it makes other finishes look good as well. Especially, when it comes to rich deep veining.

The Sochi marble effect tile recreates the beauty of the material’s slow formation over the millennia. As a result, the look is almost three-dimensional, with individual visuals that perfectly recreate the artistry of Mother Nature and molten rock. Timber floors help showcase its amber and golden flecks. Conversely, humble finishes, like paint and wallpaper, take on a more sophisticated appearance.

Sochi is recommended for rooms where the décor evokes warmth and style. The subtle mix of colour tones found in these marble effect tiles includes bronze, gold, amber and grey. Therefore, Sochi is recommended for a timeless yet characterful style to dress walls and floors.

bathroom with marble effect tiles wall
Sochi marble effect tile by Porcelanosa



Application: Floor & Wall tile

Appearance: Onyx

Finish: Polished



Effortless Elegance & Versatility

If you close your eyes and imagine a generic marble floor tile, chances are you will conjure up Carrara. That region of Italy is, indeed, renowned for its unique marble quarry.

Dolomiti recreates the same perfect blend of grey and white with its rich veining. Undoubtedly, these marble-effect floor tiles will reward your home with a rich and visually stunning pattern that will frame your furniture.

Since antiquity, grey and white marble has adorned floors around the world. Today, the monochrome combination has lost none of its appeal. In fact, grey and white is the go-to option for modern and clean-cut design.

grey and white with a rich veining marble effect tile
Dolomiti marble effect tile by Porcelanosa


120 × 120

Application: Floor & Wall tile 

Appearance: White

Finish: Matt



Add marble effect tiles to your home décor

Nowadays, we all appreciate the importance of beautiful home décor. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend choosing wall and floor finishes that ensure a worthwhile investment. With marble effect tiles, you get both practicality and beauty. It’s hard to beat marble effect tiles, for versatility, looks and budget.

Make an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom today and discover the unique characteristics of not only these but also many other suitable marble effect tiles. In the meantime, if you have any queries just drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you.


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