January 14, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Manhattan, the new multi-format natural wood flooring from L’Antic Colonial

L’Antic Colonial begins the year by presenting a new collection of natural wood flooring, designed to create warm, comfortable atmospheres. With three options for strip width and four different colours, the Manhattan series adapts itself to spaces of all kinds and of any style.

The nobility of oak is one of the keys to the pleasant appearance of these new models of high quality natural wood parquet. The genuine grain of the pieces of wood gives these floors by L’Antic Colonial a unique character, which is reinforced by each one of the colours in which the collection is available: the smooth Empire, the natural Soho, the elegant Liberty, and the reddish tones of Madison.

In terms of options in formats, L’Antic Colonial has selected three widths for the strips to offer a versatile range, capable of fitting into spaces of different dimensions. Manhattan (16x210x1.8cm), Manhattan Narrow (9x210x1.8cm) and Manhattan Avenue (27x210x1.8cm) are the three format options of this series of parquet flooring of the Manhattan collection, allowing the creation of combinations of different types of strips to achieve special effects, suiting the available space to the maximum degree.

Furthermore, the strips of the Manhattan parquet flooring are bevelled on their long edges, thus achieving a greater sensation of spaciousness in rooms.

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