28 September 2023

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Creating Your Luxury Kitchen: Tips & Advice

The luxury kitchen represents a daily encounter with good design that elevates home living. The enduring combination of function and aesthetics that comes from a well-organised and gorgeous kitchen is priceless. 

Today, the kitchen is at the centre of family life and the home. It’s been transformed into a space of entertainment as well as work. The adjective luxury means thinking about the kitchen beyond functionality, however.

Although the exact definition will be different for all homeowners, there are certain shared traits. The design and aesthetic of the luxury kitchen are balanced and harmonious. The various elements come together in such a way as to look inevitable.

This article provides a checklist of how to achieve a luxury kitchen no matter what your personal preference.

White and black luxury kitchen

Credits: @scotthaydnjones

The Era of the Luxury Kitchen

One of the most contemporary interpretations of luxury in the home currently is all things food-related. And the luxury kitchen can provide the ideal setting for a healthy and inspirational lifestyle. Whatever our cooking skills, the modern kitchen is a world away from what it was even just a few decades ago. With cutting-edge technology and kitchen equipment, there’s no excuse for not eating well at home.


Green and grey luxury kitchen

Credits: @arielfoxdesign

Luxury modern kitchen designs

There are more individual components in the kitchen than in any other room in the home. Between cooking equipment, storage cabinets, worktops, backsplashes, lighting and ancillary furniture, the kitchen is the sum of many parts.

When you walk into a kitchen where all these elements look as if they belong and couldn’t have been organised in any other way, that is pure luxury. Independent of style, size and budget, the luxury kitchen is where the many parts come together as one. The ambience, the lighting the functionality all act in unison.


#01     Configuration & Layout

Every luxury kitchen shares one common trait: a functional well well-thought-out configuration. That means incorporating the classic work triangle and ensuring that every drawer and pantry unit can open unobstructed.

A luxury kitchen island, for example, needs space around all sides to work properly. There, the counter can double as a breakfast bar and become a focal point. A peninsula style or L-shaped configuration might be a better solution however for your space.


Luxury white kitchen

Credits: @hrvhomes

#02     The Devil is in the Detail

Like so many other areas of décor, the luxury kitchen design is all about the detail. Those small little interactions with handles, taps and drawer pulls that we repeat a hundred times a day without really noticing. But which if designed with care add to the luxury kitchen experience.

For the best results, coordinate handles and faucets with the overall decorative style. In other words, if the kitchen cabinets are panelled with mouldings, then choose a sympathetic period-style ironmongery.

Luxury kitchen taps come in many styles and colours, like black kitchen taps. But nowadays, the top models tend to have a telescopic spray and a generous reach. Extra features like boiling water on tap are increasingly popular.


#03     Luxury Kitchen Equipment

The oven and the hob are arguably the most important kitchen fittings because cooking is the most relevant activity. Sometimes, they are stacked with the hob sitting directly over the oven, but they can be separate.

A five-ring burner adds luxurious functionality and looks to the kitchen worktop. Similarly, a double-door fridge looks opulent and is great for extra storage. But be careful to scale these appliances to suit your needs.

Credits: @diana_nitreanu

Contemporary kitchens have dishwashers, microwaves, and compactors together with a variety of kitchen appliances as a matter of course. Nevertheless, the luxury kitchen counter should be uncluttered, avoid dust collecting on cooking equipment, and keep the worktop free. That way the focus is on the more functional elements, such as the following designer appliances and fixtures:

  • High-end sinks and faucets: pair these two items to enhance cleaning ingredients and utensils. 
  • Extract hood: the more powerful the better to avoid cooking odours.
  • Wine cooler: a must-have for aficionados of fine wines.
  • Smart kitchen technology: lighting sensors, heating controls and screens with online connections.


Credits: @jimmy_duquenne

#04     Premium Materials

The luxury kitchen is all about suitable lavish materials that fulfil different practical functions. Kitchen worktops are the most visually impacting material which, together with the cabinets, define its character. Then comes the flooring followed by the backsplash and surrounding wall finishes in terms of importance. The art and décor that we add should complement these materials:

  • Countertops: The material must be resistant but also attractive. Luxury materials include marble, quartzite and sintered stone.
  • Luxury Flooring Choices: Maintenance and beauty go hand in hand, a hard-wearing material will reward initial investment. Recommended materials include natural stone, hardwood, and ceramic floor tiles.
  • Stylish backsplash: As well as other decorative kitchen wall tiles, create a feature surrounding the workspace and dining areas.
  • Sinks and accessories: Designer metallic accents. The modern luxury black kitchen highlights brass, copper, gold and other quality materials for faucets and handles.


White and wood kitchen

Credits: tormosilconstruye

#05     Statement Lighting

A clean monochrome design like the luxury modern white kitchen reflects light off every surface. Light is luxury, but equally in a more colourful, or even a black kitchen, we can add opulence by sculpting light.

Kitchen lighting ideas treat light as a material like any other. Add several sources throughout the space; under cabinet task lighting, ambient lamps as a decorative feature, LED strips within glass-fronted cupboards or behind floating shelves. Luxury kitchen island lighting, such as an antique pendant, helps to underline the island as the focal point of the room. And obviously, any natural light that is available must be cherished and invited into the kitchen.


#06     Furniture-Style Details

Whatever your choice in décor and kitchen cabinetry, try to match furniture style with the overall look for a luxurious outcome. High stools, low stools, tables, dressers and shelving come in any number of styles. Through this article, we have reiterated that luxury is independent of any specific style. The following styles represent some of the most popular for UK kitchens which should influence the choice of furniture:

  • Rustic style
  • Farmhouse style (or country cottage)
  • Sleek modern
  • Industrial loft style
  • Scandinavian style
  • Contemporary minimalist
  • Timeless classic 
  • Quaker style
  • Eclectic


Matt white kitchen with marble tiles backsplash

Credits: @hrvhomes

Unique Design Features

Nowadays, we all have our individual interpretations of luxury. However, it is generally accepted that the luxury kitchen means impacting design combined with opulence and functionality. There’s no mistaking a luxury kitchen when you experience it. Make an appointment at your local Porcelanosa showroom to find out more about making your dream luxury kitchen a reality.


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