April 22, 2021

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The luxury home, tips for achieving elegance, comfort and exclusivity

When it comes to the home and its décor, luxury isn’t associated with any specific style, it’s about having that little added extra something, not strictly necessary but nevertheless greatly enjoyed. 

The luxury home is perhaps easiest identified in terms of what it is not, it’s not simply expensive, neither is it necessarily big in terms of size. It’s more about enjoying the home and indulging in the moments of relaxation, company, creativity etc. that every home offers. We’ve put together some ideas inspired by the best luxury house interior designs.


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What does luxury mean today?

Definitions of what luxury actually means for design have changed enormously over the years. For some luxury means a modern classical style décor for others it’s a more traditional approach while for others again it’s expressed by high definition screens and smart technology.

Nowadays with the sharing economy and the democratisation of technology, we can all have a little luxury in our lives. All the best luxury house interior designs start with the finishes, wall and floor coverings. This means that even small homes can exude a luxurious feel with quality materials and extra attention to detail.

Having a smaller home in some ways is in fact an advantage. The luxury home is within our grasp, there are specific ways to lend elegance, enjoyment and comfort, room by room.



It’s not about throwing huge sums of money at the interior design budget but instead, an appreciation of how choosing the correct products and construction materials makes an enormous difference.

Judicious investment in quality finishes will be repaid several times over, not just in longevity but also the sheer joy of having a luxurious home.

Luxury tiles

With a luxurious, superior quality wall and floor finish the average bathroom, the average kitchen or the average entrance hall can become something entirely different. A luxury wall or floor tile can radically transform the room’s décor.

With the range of luxury tiles available today the choice of tile is almost limitless, the authentic look and feel of marble, the texture and warmth of wood;  the industrial aesthetic of cement, with none of the maintenance issues.

Because of the larger tile formats, luxury tiles can have minimum joints so entire surfaces appear seamless. From the traditional approach to luxury to the avant-garde understanding of contemporary luxury, tiles are a great way to achieve a more exclusive and sumptuous décor.


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Luxury tiles for the bathroom

Floor tiles and wall tiles perform separate functions in the bathroom. The luxury wall tile in the bathroom can be chosen on the basis of looks, ease of cleaning and maintenance. The floor tiles on the other hand must be easy to clean and provide anti-slip properties especially in shower areas, wet rooms and areas where we might be barefoot, stepping out of the bath for example.

If all that criteria is met then we can enter the realm of luxury with marble effect surfaces, large format tiles, polished and reflective surfaces.

Tip: larger format tiles used on walls and floors with minimal joints can create a continuous surface effect. This is particularly luxurious in the bathroom by opening up the space and making it appear larger, more spacious.


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The luxury entrance hall

The hall is the place where we arrive on a daily basis, the first part of the house that a guest encounters. There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression so choosing a superior grade flooring material is a good idea, from an aesthetic point of view and for ongoing maintenance. Choose a finish that picks up on other materials used in the reception areas of the house.

Tip: a few items of furniture, coat stand or a console, scaled correctly will help achieve a luxurious look placed on a tiled entrance hall.


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The luxury kitchen

Ample storage and food preparation space, natural light, beautiful and resistant materials together with a coherent design are the basic ingredients of a kitchen. With the addition of judiciously chosen artificial lighting; an elegant flooring material; beautiful tiles and quality panel doors come luxury.

Given the fact that we cook, entertain, work and live there it’s one of the rooms in the house where luxury can best be enjoyed.

Tip: transparent cabinet doors with interior lighting are a direct shortcut to achieving luxury in the kitchen.



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The luxury bedroom

Bedroom decors are all about the more intimate side of design. The tactile quality of freshly laundered bed sheets is an example of luxury in the bedroom. The smell, the feel and the crisp look of a well-made bed with a throw, a headboard and multiple cushions spell luxury, around which everything else in the bedroom should revolve.

Tip: a timber or timber effect floor with a rug at the side of the bed for bare feet defines pure luxury.



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The luxury living room

The living room is going to be at the centre of any home. It says more about us than any other area or room, it’s a space for the display of the things that have meaning, a space for entertaining and being entertained.

A neutral backdrop on walls for the display of favourite artworks, a hard-wearing and attractive floor finish to frame furniture, a picture window or a fireplace hearth clad with luxurious tiles.


FAQs regarding luxury homes

The meaning of luxury is closely linked with enjoyment and comfort: two concepts closely related to the home and its décor. The design of a house should be informed by the function of each room; kitchens should be bright and comfortable to work in; the decoration of the living room will be focused on relaxation and entertaining; while bedrooms are about rest and sleep. Going beyond these basic requirements means adding delight and exclusivity through choosing features that are unique to each householder. Features that are taken one step further than simply functional to enter the realm of luxury.

The bathroom and kitchen are the main spaces in the home where tiles will reward an initial investment. However, the entrance hall and the living room are also great spaces to consider the advantages that tiles represent. In the entrance hall the hard wearing and elegant ranges of marble effect or wood effect will ‘wow’ and delight. While the framing of a feature fireplace in the living room, or a wall clad in a beautiful textured or patterned tile becomes a work of art in its own right.

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