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Luxury Bathroom Ideas for 2022

If ever we needed a little more pampering in our lives, it’s now, during 2022. Adding a touch of luxury to our home décor can have an invigorating effect on our well-being. And what better way to experience luxury than in the bathroom, as part of our daily rituals. Incorporate these luxury bathroom ideas to help launch and end the day with a little more pizazz.

Here we have gathered a list of luxury bathroom ideas for 2022, including small bathroom ideas as well as bathroom layout ideas. Through this article, we’ll be answering the following questions: What is trending currently in bathroom design? How to get the look? Where to start? How much will it cost? Read on and give some of these ideas a try today.



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What does a luxury, modern bathroom mean?


For some, being able to turn on a tap and have water coming out is a real luxury.

Then, there are the elements of luxury that are not even visible but experienced: under-floor heating, thermal comfort, and good ventilation. They are all synonymous with bathroom luxury.

This article considers the more visible expressions of luxury. We have divided the ideas into remodelling and decorative categories, depending on how extensive you want your luxury bathroom project to be.

10 Luxury Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

For more ambitious refurbishments, luxury starts with bathroom planning and layout. The following ideas will involve some construction and specialist plumbing. This approach is therefore likely to involve higher costs and additional time. However, the results will have a greater impact and be more durable over time.


#01 Walk-in shower 

Space permitting, there are several ways that the shower can add luxury to bathrooms. Level access, glass screens, a beautiful wall tile are all ways to add luxury. In addition, the following extras can make a big difference in terms of the shower experience: 

  • A vigorous massage with jets of water blasting our aches and pains away is pure luxury. It requires specialised plumbing and good water pressure. 
  • The rain shower head recreates an authentic tropical rainstorm in the shower cubicle.  
  • LED lights in the shower to add colour therapy to water therapy.


#02 Free-standing bathtub 

The free-standing bathtub drips with luxury and sophistication. It should be combined with suitable taps and a side table for holding toiletries. It is one of the bathroom elements that contribute most to the spa atmosphere as it offers the opportunity to relax and rest after a long day’s work. With a timelessly elegant look, modern bathtubs will automatically catch the eye.


#03 Double Vanity / Wash Hand Basin 

Put two Wash Hand Basins (WHB) next to one another in the bathroom for instant luxury. The look is as practical as it is attractive. For the family bathroom, a continuous vanity counter with two basins or two separate free-standing basins add a luxurious sense of pampering to the space.  



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#04 Built-in shelving, wall niches and storage 

One of the best storage strategies is to design niches and built-in storage areas in shower cubicles and bathtub areas for a clean look. Doing so will give the illusion of extra dimension and therefore added luxury. For added visual depth, differentiate finishes and materials within the different wall planes.


#05 Natural daylight 

The trend of converting the family bathroom into a home spa is likely to be with us for the foreseeable future. One sure-fire way to get the look is by exploiting natural light, recreating a courtyard or atrium effect with a roof-light or a window letting in natural light. It’s all about establishing a connection with the outdoors. Tip: for privacy, create a screen of potted plants between the window and the bathroom. Make sure to feature plants that thrive in humid environments. 


#06 Sunken bathtub 

Having a sunken tub is the pinnacle of luxury in bathroom design. There are two ways of accommodating the sunken tub: special foundations to allow for excavation of between 12 and 14 inches (30 – 35 cm); or a platform with steps to access the bath with a flat area around it.  



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#07 Confiscate extra space 

Add space by reconfiguring the existing bathroom layout. It might mean knocking down a partition between a master bedroom, dressing area or a large wardrobe and the bathroom. You can combine the dressing room and bathroom, making the shared space feel spacious by using built-in wardrobes with sliding doors. Or turn an unloved box room into a luxurious home spa.


#08 Convert a small bathroom into a wet room 

Continuous flooring equals luxury in the small bathroom. Not having an up-stand around the shower makes for a less-fussy décor and has practical advantages as well. Splurge on a quality porcelain floor tile for extra luxury.  


#09 Bathroom ceilings 

Even if you don’t have additional ceiling height to play with, the ceiling treatment can add a luxurious dimension to the bathroom. For standard height ceilings, install a bulkhead around the perimeter and add a LED lighting recess so that the light bathes the entire room. For spaces with more architectural character, embrace its quirkiness and exploit it to the max. 



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#10 Sustainable plumbing 

Our understanding of luxury is evolving. Nowadays, that means installing aerated taps, efficient showers and water-heating mechanisms, proper ventilation for the required air changes and other environmentally friendly bathroom plumbing. Check out our eco-friendly series to make your bathroom more sustainable.


10 Luxury Bathroom Décor Ideas

For a more subtle but transformative approach, follow these luxurious decorating ideas. Some involve specialist trades or DIY skills, such as wall tiles. We have selected current trending bathroom décor ideas and suggestions.


#01 Colour and pattern 

This year bathroom design will become even more ‘maximalist’ than before. This means adding colour, pattern and textures to walls. Paint, tiles or wallpaper are all simple but effective ways to get the look.


#02 Bathroom layout  

When it comes to luxury bathroom ideas, thinking about the bathroom more as a habitable room is a good starting point. As well as the common sanitary elements, allow room for standard furniture. Pieces such as a day bed, side table, or chair help make the bathroom more useable and give it a luxurious feeling.



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#03 Timber effect floor tiles 

The warmth and texture of wood effect tiles are ideal for a luxurious and practical finish to your bathroom floor. For added opulence, choose a herringbone wood flooring design. Combined with white sanitary ware, the colour and texture of wood effect tiles look even better. 


#04 Marble effect wall tiles 

Nothing denotes luxury more in bathrooms than the floor to ceiling marble wall tiles. Get the look with marble effect wall tiles in large format with book match pattern veining. Together with white sanitary ware, the look oozes pure luxury. 


#05 Wall profiles 

Add decorative profiles to bathroom walls to customize the environment. This simple hack adds a luxurious look and helps break the space into zones. Choose between aluminium, chrome, ceramic, other metals and even Led strips.  



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Combine wood effect porcelain floors, marble effect ceramic tiles and decorative profiles for a truly luxurious bathroom.


#06 Metal accents 

The layering of textures and materials in the bathroom adds visual interest and is synonymous with luxury. Chrome, copper, stainless steel and powder-coated finishes look great against contrasting wall tiles. Limit the metallic accent to one or two finishes but no more for a coordinated look. 


#07 Art & decorative objects 

Just one piece of art, judiciously placed, can transform the bathroom. Art and decorative objects lend the bathroom a focal point that transcends function. But when it comes to choosing, don’t be too influenced by what’s in fashion. Just be a bit more individual about it. Make sure the items you choose reflect your taste and style. Select pieces that give you pleasure to look at and say something about you and your personality.


#08 Statement lighting 

Bathroom lighting must have an IP rating, but that doesn’t mean the fittings themselves can’t be dramatic. A glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling or a concealed Led lighting system can add drama and luxury to bathroom décor.  



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Mix wood effect porcelain floors, white brick tiles and black fixtures for a modern luxury bathroom.


#09 Plants & greenery 

Luxury isn’t about throwing lots of money at your bathroom. By simply adding a few potted plants, organic luxury can be yours on a budget. The effect is life-affirming. Mix broadleaf shrubs such as Monstera, palms and ferns for a luscious greenhouse bathroom aesthetic.  


#10 Bathroom accessories 

Quality bathroom accessories like toilet roll holders, towel rails, magnifying mirrors, toothbrush shelves and toilet brush holders can add luxury to your bathroom décor, thanks to their metallic finishes and decorative details. Choose accessories from the same collection for a coordinated design.


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How to make the bathroom look luxurious?

Luxury is all about the extras, not simply what is needed to make a bathroom functional. That can mean adopting either a ‘minimalist’ or ‘maximalist’ approach to the décor and everything in between. The point is to go the extra mile Here are some tips that can help you get the look: 

  • Use quality materials.
  • Add statement lighting.
  • Introduce plants and cut flowers.
  • Place attractive toiletry packaging in strategic locations.
  • Don’t be afraid of pattern and colour (even for minimalist bathrooms).
  • Select quality and lasting faucets.
  • Include a feature wall and artwork.


How much does a luxury bathroom cost?

For a mid-range bathroom refurbishment, typical building costs in the UK can range from £3,000 to £6,000. As per the above listing of ideas for the luxury bathroom, expect to pay between £7,000 and £15,000

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