February 13, 2020


The traditional craftsmanship of the luthiers is still alive in “Lutier” by L’Antic Colonial

The PORCELANOSA Group company presents a new range of parquet flooring with four different finishes: Coffee, Grey, Light and Brown.

Each colour encompasses a wide range of shades with knots to emphasize the natural appearance of the wood.

L’Antic Colonial has taken the skill and painstaking care of the ancient luthiers, those seventeenth century craftsmen who could turn a wooden board into a viola or a guitar, as inspiration for its new collection: Lutier.

Parque Lutier 1L Coffee+Mosaico Gravity Al Dubai Gold+Urano Pulido Antic Colonial Porcelanosa

The art of wood

Each piece of natural wood in this collection is carefully crafted using ash as the main material. The large dimensions (18 cm x 220 cm x1.4 cm) make it easy to create a warm, spacious effect, especially in large public or residential projects.

Available in four different finishes (Coffee, Grey, Light and Brown), Lutier can be used for floors and on walls. Each of the knots recalls the natural growth of the tree and, in shades that range from a rich brown to the palest cream, each piece is a work of art in itself, giving rooms a unique personality.

Parque Lutier 1L Marron+Revestimiento Highlands Square White Antic Colonial Porcelanosa

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