September 22, 2023


PORCELANOSA at the London Design Festival 2023: Sensory Immersion in Creativity and Design

From 16 to 24 September, sensory design is taking over Porcelanosa London for the London Design Festival

Every year, the city of London is transformed into the global epicentre of design as it hosts the London Design Festival. For nine days, the British capital shines with the creativity of designers from all over the world, artists, architects and industry representatives. Porcelanosa presents its offerings through a sensory experience in its flagship store in Hannover Square.

Porcelanosa Sense Lab London Design Festival 2023


The London Design Festival merges design with culture, technology, sustainability and creativity in its purest form. In this, the 21st edition, the city has once again transformed into a dynamic space where the most innovative ideas take shape.

The British capital, arranged into thirteen Design Districts, presents a broad offering of exhibitions, public installations, conferences and events that make this event a beacon of global creativity. Every corner of the city, from iconic designer shops to the most representative public spaces, becomes a stage for creative expression.


Porcelanosa Sense Lab in Hanover Square

To celebrate the LDF, Porcelanosa's flagship store in London, in the Mayfair Design District, has been transformed into a lab for the senses. Through 24 September, the Porcelanosa Sense Lab offers a sensory experience where interior design and architecture come together to encourage active engagement.

The visitors who dropped by Porcelanosa Hanover Square were able to explore how design can transform our world, stimulate the senses and challenge our perception of what's possible through different sensory proposals designed to stimulate touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell.

Aromatherapy, wellness through smell

Through different aromatherapy workshops, visitors can learn to create their personal fragrances with the Relax, Flowers and Energy aromas incorporated into Noken's Seasons and Lounge aromatherapy systems, together with the distinctive Porcelanosa Essence aroma, which characterises the firm's commercial spaces.


ASMR. Pleasant Household Sounds

ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, refers to the pleasant and relaxing sensory experience that some people feel in response to certain stimuli.

Through a collection of pleasant distinctive sounds from the home, such as a fine rainy mist in a relaxing shower or a crackling fire in the fireplace, this space is able to convey the sense of calm and protection that we feel when in our own home.

Virtual reality tour. Impress through vision

Virtual reality allows us to be drawn into new spaces and places that we can explore in an immersive and sensory way.

Thanks to this technology, visitors to the London Design Festival have explored the 36,000 square metres of the XTONE®production centre, strolling along its fully automated production lines and discovering the most advanced sintered stone manufacturing technology.


Interior photography workshop

Photo buffs had the chance to develop their skills in a professional workshop that explored the keys to composition and lighting, and specific techniques to showcase the potential of interior spaces using a smartphone.


Porcelanosa Sense Lab London Design Festival 2023


Moodboard. Feel the touch of materials

The somatosensory, or touch, system allows us to perceive and respond to feelings of pressure, temperature, pain or texture through the skin and other sensory receptors.

By using the sense of touch, Porcelanosa Sense Lab highlights the tactile potential of design through the perception of the shapes and textures of surfaces such as natural wood or ceramic; as well as the warmth of an underfloor heating system.

Spanish Sense Lab

The sense of taste was one of the stars at the networking event held on 21 September at the Porcelanosa showroom in London. In a lively after-work setting, architecture and interior design professionals enjoyed a tasting of Spanish cuisine that featured a collaboration between Estrella Galicia and the London chain Ibérica Restaurants, whose director is Spanish chef Nacho Manzano, recipient of two Michelin stars.

Through its Sense Lab, Porcelanosa invited the participants of the London Design Festival 2023 to reflect on how we perceive and experience the world around us through the lens of design.

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