February 2, 2024


2024 Living Room Trends, Our 12 Picks

Our round-up of 2024 living room trends will be essential reading for anyone planning to make home improvements this year. Living rooms are going to become more welcoming and cosier than ever, with the potential to transform the entire home.

Design trends reflect the changing world around us, living room décor is very different nowadays than even just a few years ago. How we inhabit the living room is influenced by developments in society, technology and work. All of which affect the living room.

As part of our ongoing series of 2024 design trends, we are going to show you how to make the most of your living room. Since it’s where we spend so much of our downtime, it deserves to look smart, stylish and up-to-date.

Ceramic wall tiles with textured fibre braid effect

Treccia Natural 59.6×150 cm (shop online)

Treccia Deco Natural 59.6×150 cm (available in-store)

#01     Goldilocks-design

2024 living room trends are going to be emancipated from strict decorative styles this year. We will see more eclectic design and a mix of eras, as well as a mix of hard and soft lines and silhouettes. 2024 is all about freedom of expression and putting our individual stamp on our surroundings. In other words, what’s just right for you and your home.


#02    Statement Wall Coverings

There has never been a more exciting time for decorative living room walls than now. Wallpaper for living room décor has had a resurgence in popularity over recent years. The range of options, colours and patterns nowadays is jaw-dropping and living rooms are the ideal canvas for a personalised touch. Trending wallpaper designs include feature wallpaper living room murals, as well as more textured and patterned options this year.


Textured wallpaper on living room by Porcelanosa

Skins Empyreal Fizzy Ocean 70×1000 cm (available in-store)

#03     Structural Shelving

Structural shelving is worth its weight in gold as a tool for helping to provide scale and function to a living room. For numerous reasons, not least of which is that books, magazines and objects absorb sound and help make a room feel cosier. Added to that, of course, are their designer looks, and practical storage capacity. Free-standing structural shelves also make a great room divider, to separate dining and sitting areas.


#04     Living Room Wall Tiles & Panels

Over recent years, integrating feature wall panels within living areas has gained numerous fans. Unlike paint or wallpaper, there is a solidity and permanence to textured wall tiles and panels. Timber effect wall tiles and textured wall panels will continue to trend this year thanks to their marked tactile qualities and decorative possibilities.


Living room wood effect ceramic wall panels

Arrow 3D Arce 59,6X150 cm (available in-store)

#05     Living Room Floor Tiles

The seamless continuous flooring effect of large format floor tiles will be more visible than ever in 2024 living rooms. Warm and neutral colours like beige, honey and sand tones that evoke raw granite look especially cosy in UK homes. Tiled floors are easy to adapt to warmer or colder months with underfloor heating, scatter rugs and fireplaces. Wood flooring in similar tones, neither too dark nor light, will also feature strongly in 2024 living rooms.


Large size wall and floor tiles living room

Floor: Bottega Caliza 120×120 cm  (shop online)

Wall: Bottega Caliza Nature 120×270 cm (available in-store)

#06     Home Office & Reading Corner

Integrated home offices within living room layouts are an established tendency right now. The 2024 living room trends will nevertheless include a more decorative approach to setting up a home office or reading corner. Home office ideas include a more designer-inspired integrated piece of furniture that combines more seamlessly with the general living room décor.


Textured wall tiled living room by Porcelanosa

Ice Minnesota Ash 45×120 cm (available in-store)

#07     Open-plan Layout in 2024 Living Room Trends

Space is a luxury in contemporary homes, and the open-plan layout is a versatile solution to creating the sensation of additional space, even in a small living room. The open-plan layout living room is still the Holy Grail of home planning in 2024 but with a slight change. Dining areas and kitchens connecting to the living room will be more defined and capable of being separated by sliding doors, space dividers and glazed partitions.


#08     2024 Living Room Colour Trends

Colour specialists are predicting a return of more characterful colours to living rooms. Different shades of blues are dominating 2024 colour trends. But we will also see mid-pastel and brighter striking tones like peach-fuzz in rugs, upholstery, accessories and decorative objects. These colours will work in tandem with more neutral backgrounds in a dynamic yin and yang relationship.


#09     Living Room Lighting

Artificial lighting takes on more importance within the living room because it’s mostly used in the evenings. While recessed lighting has been trending for several years now, 2024 will see more concealed options. LEDs that wash textured living room walls and other surfaces with adjustable settings to create different moods. This will combine with statement fittings, 1970s style geometric and reconditioned vintage lamps will be ubiquitous.


Living room with a wallpaper mural

Skins Nature Ayame Lavender (available in-store)

#10     Living Room Furniture

Sofas, coffee tables, armchairs, shelving and drinks cabinets are going to be mixed and matched this year. Contrasting silhouettes will sit side by side as part of 2024 living room trends which are going to be more eclectic than ever. This also applies to upholstery and patterns, which will be more playful and diverse, always however with an overall balance and harmony.


#11     Smart Living Rooms

The seamless integration of home entertainment systems, lighting sensors and internet connections in living rooms is here to stay. Nevertheless, the tendency in 2024 living room trends is making technology less visible, by integrating it with more traditional materials. Craft and smart living rooms will join forces this year like never before.


#12     Living Room Fireplace

Just like other 2024 living room trends, fireplace designs are no longer one size fits all. This year it’s all about customising your own style. The traditional cosiness of an open fire will combine with sophisticated wall tiles around the chimney area this year. With cutting-edge ethanol or electric fires, the open flame is not only stylish and inviting but also sustainable.


Wood effect floor tiles and wall pannels for 2024 living room trends by Porcelanosa

Gent Stone 3D Roble (available in-store)

Redefine your Living Room with 2024 Trends

The living room is where we spend most of our quality time at home, it’s the room that says most about us, its layout and design choices express our individuality. With all the changes going on around us why not bring change to your living room décor too in 2024. It’s as easy as dropping us a line or making an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom.


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