November 7, 2019

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Living room ideas for the home’s most important room

The sensation of arriving home after work or coming back after being away is one of finding refuge, warmth and familiarity. The living room, as the epicentre of the home, should best represent these concepts. Normally it’s the largest room in the home and the one where family and friends hang out and are entertained. What is the best way to decorate your living room? Comfort, aesthetics and functionality should be balanced in equal measure, and it’s important to put an individual stamp on the décor. How can interior design make the most of the living room?  Here below we provide some inspiration and ideas to spark your own ideas.

Living room layout

Because it’s the main family area in the home the living room must accommodate different activities. Independent of style and décor the layout of the living room can be organised in a way that includes different ambiences within the same space. This approach means that the room can be used differently by different people at the same time. Think of the room as a series of separate zones: a reading area with an armchair near a book shelf, a cluster of sofas and armchairs near a fireplace or around a coffee table. Perhaps the living room and dining room are combined with a dinging table and chairs off in one corner. Rugs, lighting and the organisation of furniture can help define these sub-spaces.

living room ideas
Credit: @clemweil

How to decorate a living room 

The walls and choice of materials is a good place to start, natural materials like wood, metal and fabrics all possess their own inherent finish. The living room colour palette should be kept neutral however accent colours and accessories can be more daring, as they can easily be changed. In order to achieve the perfect balance for the living room between neutral décor and statement design warmth and comfort are the key words. Even a small living room can be made to feel larger with the right approach. Lighting is all important, optimising the available natural light through windows and roof-lights as well as thinking carefully about artificial light. The décor can be rustic, industrial, warm or contemporary there are any number of styles to choose from, the following link includes some inspirational examples of eclectic styles

living room ideas
Credit: @mud.yeg

Living room furniture  

There’s normally no way of avoiding having a TV in the living room however it doesn’t necessarily have to be the focus of the room. If housed in shelving or within a sideboard the TV can be discreet. The other indispensable piece of living room furniture is the sofa, a versatile and multifunctional element in any living room. The scale, style and upholstery should be appropriate for the living room space. However it is the furniture accessories such as side tables, reading lamps, rugs etc. together with artworks and decorative objects that will really stamp your personality on the living room. Bits and pieces collected from travels, picked up along the way, perhaps inherited all representing different chapters in the story of our lives.

living room ideas
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