July 12, 2023


The best designs in dining tables

Dining tables bring more naturalness to homes through an integral design that encourages the creation of open spaces.

The dining table is a key piece in the interior design of any living room. It is the point of union in family or social gatherings and, together with the sofa, the backbone on which other features are placed.

Dining table with Par-ker Fulham Roble, by Porcelanosa.

Much more than a functional piece of furniture, dining tables are a transmitter of the style and personality of the inhabitants of a home. With them we create the right atmosphere in which to immerse ourselves in our daily routine. In this post, we'll explore the different styles, sizes and materials of dining tables, with practical tips for selecting the best option for every space and lifestyle.

Different forms for different spaces

Rectangular, round, square, curved or with rounded edges are some of the most common shapes in modern dining table design. Their location, the uses to which they can be put and their layout should influence not only the geometry but also the dimensions of dining tables.

The choice of dining table format is particularly important for the most harmonious integration possible. For smaller areas, whether with a round or square dining table, a single central foot will prevent diners from bumping into the legs. This configuration also facilitates the movement and placement of the dining chairs.

(1) Rustic Table dining table by L'Antic Colonial. | (2) Rectangular dining table with XTONE Blue Roma and Par-Ker Smart Minnesota Ash by Porcelanosa. | (3) Dining table on Park Acero and Antique Acero floor tiles by Porcelanosa.

In larger spaces, the options expand with models with legs at the corners or the creation of rectangular structures at the ends. These may be made of wood, iron or other metals.

To enhance the beauty of a dining table, a space can be framed by contrasting floor coverings and the use of decorative profiles (Texture Collection by Butech).

Current trends in dining tables

The use and organisation of a room will change according to the shape and location of the dining table. Below, we look at some of the most common types of dining tables, with options to suit any proposal.

Round dining tables

Round tables have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Their smooth lines without sharp corners create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage conversation and interaction between diners. Round dining tables are also particularly suitable for smaller areas, as their compact shape optimises the available surface area.

Extendable dining tables

Extendable dining tables are a smart and functional solution for rooms that require flexibility. These tables can be adjusted in length as required, making them a versatile option to suit different occasions. From intimate dinners to family parties, an extendable table is a smart investment to make the most of your living room.

Minimalist tables

Minimalism continues to be a popular trend in interior design, and dining tables are no exception. Clean lines and simplicity are key features of this style. Smooth surfaces and neutral colours, such as white, grey or black, stand out. Materials such as glass, metal and lacquered wood perfectly complement the minimalist aesthetic.

(1) Round dining table made with XTONE Paonazzo Biondo. | (2) Minimalist dining table made with XTONE Glem White. | (3) Coffee table in grey tones by L'Antic Colonial.

Industrial dining tables

Industrial is another interior design style that has conquered many homes in recent years, and with it, dining tables. These are characterised by their robust appearance and materials such as metal and untreated or weathered wood. Combining them with worn leather chairs and vintage accessories creates a modern, urban feel to the living room.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables help to organise the space while adding an original touch to the decoration of the house. They are an indispensable element in the decoration of a dining room and can be used as a support for vases, books or magazines. They are such a versatile piece of furniture that they can be used both for storing objects and for separating areas to embellish the space.
Gamadecor's Living catalogue includes various collections such as Feel, Zig-Zag, Equis, Ciclope and Palio. They include circular, rectangular, single- or double-height, single-block or metal legs with the characteristic Cien Sable finish.

The most prominent areas

Another aspect that determines the style of a dining table is the material of the tabletop. In addition to aesthetics, it is very important to consider the different uses it will have. The technical characteristics and properties must meet the needs of the house. These are some of the most characteristic materials in a dining table:

Wooden dining tables

A wooden dining table is a timeless choice that conveys warmth and charm to the space. Wood is a versatile and durable element that can be adapted to a wide range of decorating styles. From the most classic and traditional to the modern and contemporary, wood can fit beautifully with all of them.

In addition, certifications such as the FSC seal guarantee that the wood used comes from responsibly managed forests. Models such as Rustic Table by L'Antic Colonial are sustainable alternatives, capable of adding a lot of personality to the room.

Dining table made of wood, Rustic model, by L'Antic Colonial.
Dining table made of wood, Rustic model, by L'Antic Colonial.

Dining table made of natural quartzite stone Altíssima Adamantina by XTONE
Dining table made of natural quartzite stone Altíssima Adamantina by XTONE

Natural stone dining tables

Natural stone, and more specifically marble, is an elegant and timeless material that adds a touch of exclusivity to any space. Stone dining tables are a growing trend that combines beauty and functionality, such as the Arrow Altissima Cyclone Black design by Gamadecor. Marble also comes in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to find the perfect option to complement any style.

Ceramic dining tables

Innovation, aesthetics and durability. Ceramic is defined by these characteristics and is capable of transmitting them to a dining table. The fusion of both concepts makes it possible to create avant-garde and contemporary spaces, be they minimalist, Scandinavian or industrial. White pieces with veining are particularly notable, which can be more accentuated, such as XTONE Viola Rossé, or more moderate, such as XTONE Glem White.

Dining table made of XTONE Calacatta Green.
Dining table made of XTONE Calacatta Green.

Hat dining table by Gamadecor, made with Krion®.
Hat dining table by Gamadecor, made with Krion®.

Dining tables of mineral composites

The most technological alternative in dining table materials are mineral composites. Krion® is a solid surface that offers a wide range of applications in interior design and architecture. Its versatility, strength, aesthetic properties and hygienic characteristics make it a perfect solution as a table top for a modern and functional living room.

Enhance your dining room with the perfect table for your space

The PORCELANOSA Group has numerous options for making your dining table perfectly suited for each situation. Simply ask for advice by making an appointment at your nearest store.

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