April 24, 2018 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Listón Madera wall tile, ceramic symmetry from the PORCELANOSA Grupo

The series is available in three tones: Roble, Gris and FresnoIts rectified design creates dynamic compositions and innovative spaces

The surface exaltation has become a trend. Above all, in the interior design and architecture sector, where walls play a leading role because of the wall tiles. It is through them that perspective and visual effects are combined, such as volumetry or the 3D effect.

With the aim of creating superior materials related to innovation and design, Porcelanosa has developed the Wood strip series. A wall tile which offers a dynamic wavy wooden surface.

We are dealing with a ceramic piece which shows a made-up strip composition and puts the darkest tone from its inner part in between the lightest tone from the outer ‘strip’.

Listón Madera (45cmx120cm) provides any space with spaciousness and stability. Its horizontal-lined canvas makes it possible for small atmospheres and low ceilings to seem bigger and higher. This optical illusion is enhanced through the texture created by the combination of lights and shadows.

In terms of symmetry, Listón Madera stands out because of its rectified design. The cutting of the pieces has been improved, so there is no joint space at all. This technique creates a dynamic and aesthetically innovative composition which is characterised by its high decorative potential.

The Listón Madera texturized skin is available in three colour tones. Firstly, we have Listón Madera Roble and Gris which are suitable for lounges or bedrooms because of their warm design. Listón Madera Fresno is perfect for bathrooms, corridors or rooms with artificial lighting since, it provides the space with brightness and spaciousness.

Listón Madera achieves the serenity, warmth and relaxation, typical of wood, ensuring the quality, durability and high resistance which ceramic entails. A design which offers solutions to contract projects of special durability and easy maintenance.

Listón Madera offers a wall tile with a strong visual load with a huge number of decorative solutions. Its three-dimensionality can be combined with all types of flat floors and wall tiles from the firm, regardless of their tones and shapes.

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