August 17, 2022


Illuminated mirrors, a key accessory in the bathroom

These decorative elements increase the visibility necessary for beauty and grooming routines.

Lighting has taken on great importance in the bathroom, which is a space linked to intimacy, wellbeing and personal care. The various elements of this room should thus be arranged harmoniously in order to create a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Geometric shapes and minimalism

One trend that is gaining ground in bathroom interior design is backlit mirrors or mirrors that incorporate a lighting frame, which increase the brightness and comfort in the washbasin area, creating a cosy atmosphere of seclusion.

The temperature or colour of light, the type of lighting, whether accent, spot or indirect, and the location; whether in a public space with high foot traffic or a private space, such as at home, these are some key factors in knowing how to light a bathroom mirror.

Colour temperature differentiates warm light (3,500 k), which is the softest, has a yellowish colour, and is ideal for creating a relaxed atmosphere (Tono mirror with Krion® Solid frame, by Krion), from neutral light (4.500k), the most similar to natural light, which shows colours without any alteration. Neutral light is most recommended for actions such as applying makeup or shaving (ARO model, by Krion). Finally. there is cold light (6.000k), the most intense light which tends to be bluish in colour and is most used in large areas.

A multitude of combinations of lighting are possible to create different atmospheres. Accent lighting, for example, highlights a chosen element and eliminates shadows, making it a suitable choice in the washbasin area. An alternative to this is a mirror with a front light at the top, bottom or sides, complementing the rest of the lights in the room (Lounge Premium, by Noken).

Different geometric shapes and vertical or horizontal orientation provide a differentiating touch to mirrors, achieving a refined and minimalist style that influences the projection of light inside the room (Minim square model, by L'Antic Colonial, or the Moon circular model, by Krion).

Technology in lighting frames

Mirrors with lighting in the frames are defined by their high level of aesthetics and usability, which, thanks to their configuration, offer a multifunctional system. Bluetooth connectivity, anti-fog technology, a proximity sensor for the lights and an optional shelf for a mobile phone or other gadget are some of the advantages that can be featured in this type of mirrors (Pure Line, by Noken), which favour the user's experience in the bathroom.

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