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The latest design trends in the latest issue of Lifestyle

Projects, news and interviews fill the pages of the latest issue of the magazine

New year, new issue of Lifestyle. The Porcelanosa magazine is loaded with news from the design and architecture industry. We’re also adding new content for issue 43, so you can enjoy perusing the pages more than ever.

The news section in the first part of the magazine includes a rundown of the most prominent events in construction, trends and design. You can also find out more about Butech’s modular façade system with XLIGHT for Valencia’s Hospital Clínico Universitario. We also shine a light on the impressive entrance at the Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol (Amsterdam), designed with backlit KRION®.

Key milestones

Last September, the King of Spain visited Porcelanosa Group HQ (in Castellón, Spain) on the occasion of the group’s 50th anniversary, celebrating this special event with the whole team. The monarch also took the opportunity to unveil a commemorative plaque, alongside the founders. Find out all the details of the visit in the latest issue of the magazine.

PORCELANOSA Group landed at Cersaie, the ceramic industry’s leading international event, with revolutionary designs and innovative products. Inside the magazine, you’ll get a close-up look at the new products the seven companies in the group showcased at the 40th edition of the Bologna trade fair.


Throughout the magazine, Lifestyle introduces various personalities, with one in-depth interview. Here, the protagonists of this issue give us their view on architecture, interior design and construction.

Gonzalo Mardones, a Chilean architect and visiting professor at various universities, discusses the perspective he takes on construction. In 2016, he was named an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in the United States. The Mardones studio also designed the Porcelanosa offices and store in the South American country.

We continue with Saïd Hejal, CEO of Kronos Homes. The Lebanese entrepreneur, currently residing in Madrid, reveals to us the type of urban planning he promotes. and the philosophy he tries to breathe into their projects. At the same time, we delve into one of the most iconic Kronos Homes buildings to date: IKON. This residential building in Valencia is a masterpiece, designed at the studio of architect Ricardo Bofill and finished with a wealth of PORCELANOSA Group products.

Travel and social media are a source of inspiration. From her studio, Gwen Hoopman works on transforming her clients’ individual desires into striking designs. She also advises large companies, drawing on her elegant, serene and natural style. Materials for interior design: wood, linen and natural stone.

Dream projects

Issue 43 of the magazine features numerous visually and architecturally outstanding projects created using Porcelanosa Group materials. We travel the world to show you their views and interiors.

LaFinca Grand Café is one of the Madrid property group’s most prominent projects. Two homes rise up from the Mediterranean coastline, serving up spectacular panoramic views, perfectly complemented by the interior design.

In the house tour, Tamara Falcó gives Porcelanosa Group an exclusive look around her loft. In her own home, the Spanish entrepreneur was keen to use materials from the comprehensive design firm. Beatriz Silveira, interior designer for the project, reveals the key details in each of the spaces.

We’re continuing our tour through Mexico, where architecture firm Amezcua has designed ‘Kineki’. They used a revolutionary, sustainable construction system for all three homes. The spaces at the Colegio Superior de Gastronomía de México – Latin America’s first culinary university – are brought to life by PORCELANOSA Group materials.

In Asia, The View Hospital (Doha, Qatar) represents a revolution in the country’s healthcare sector. KRION® solid surface features in the operating rooms and reception desks, providing a luminous look with added hygiene credentials.

We head to the heart of the Ossau valley (France) to discover the Iskö BaseCamp & Hôtel. In the hotel, wooden structural and decorative elements predominate. This holiday resort was a finalist in the second edition of the Porcelanosa International Projects Awards (PIPA). But that isn’t the end of our tour. Discover the rest of the projects in the latest issue of Lifestyle magazine.

New in the magazine

Here at Lifestyle, we’ve introduced some changes to the magazine. We’ve put together some new content, ready to inspire you with new, refreshing ideas for your travel and project plans.

PORCELANOSA Group’s flagship store, located between Broadway and Fifth Avenue, has been open for nine years now. Which is why we’re giving you our top 15 places that make New York what it is: a city with a boundless source of creative energy. In the upcoming issues, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the must-visit places or zones in the major cities worldwide in which PORCELANOSA Group has showrooms.

We’ve brought in a new feature with Elisa Blázquez, an integrative clinical nutritionist and director of the Department of Nutrition at Clínica iQtra Medicina Avanzada. In this new section, we give you key tips, designs and ideas for your kitchen.

Lastly, our Conversations in the Design World section provides an insight into the 2023 PIPA Award jury’s vision of architecture. The four professionals agree on the design of this artwork as a tool for creating settings for unforgettable moments. Get a more in-depth look in the magazine.

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