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Led lighting ideas

The light emitting diode (Led) represents a genuine revolution in lighting. Lower energy consumption, longer life span, smaller size and greater robustness are just some of the advantages that Leds represent in comparison with traditional incandescent lighting. Although Leds have been around since the 1960s it’s only relatively recently that they have been made commercially available and affordable for the domestic market. With improvements in colour rendering and more economical encasing Led lighting is now favoured by designers opening up a wide panorama of inspirational possibilities.

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Led lighting in the home

From spot lights to accent lighting, ambient to statement installations the applications of led lighting in the home are only limited by the designer’s imagination. The specific qualities of Leds make them endlessly versatile, providing a canvas of surfaces and objects that can be illuminated in a way that was simply not possible heretofore. Among the rooms where their full potential can be realised is the bedroom and the living room.

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Led lighting in the bedroom

When it comes to sleep one of the most important physical qualities of the bedroom is its lighting. Both in terms of providing a black-out environment as well as task and ambient light. As airplane designers combating the effects of jet lag have figured out the right artificial lighting can be greatly conducive to sleep (and vice versa). Here in the bedroom Leds come into their own. For reading lights and bedside tables the great advantage of Leds is that they can be custom fitted to headboards, furniture and ceiling alcoves. Because they are easily dimmed, do not generate heat and their colour can be changed as required Led lighting can be incorporated in ceiling recesses and mouldings. It can also be pre programmed to create the optimum conditions for sleep by dimming gently and subtly changing hue.

Led lighting in the living room

Lighting experts advise that the optimum way to illuminate our living spaces is to combine a central light with point lights distributed within the space. By creating ‘lighting islands’, for example with a floor lamp placed beside an armchair or a spot light over a favourite piece or art, the living room acquires greater character. Designers have harnessed Led’s advantages to come up with a range of commercially available lamp fittings. Leds are also the ideal way to create ambient light within the living room.  Whether it be a statement light fitting or accent lighting the led strip for example can be hidden behind a ceiling moulding or a built in shelf to wash light over a vertical or horizontal surface. This approach creates a 3D effect in the space, adding depth and character.

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