April 28, 2014 | Updated: December 31, 2019


Laser technology for long-lasting and sustainable finishes

PORCELANOSA Group companies are committed to technological innovations which create optimum results for the Group’s different product ranges and building systems.

In this regard, in its aim to create technically superior furniture solutions, Gamadecor has introduced an innovating technique in its production systems which use laser technology to join panels and edges together without any glue or adhesive substances.

Traditional adhesives are replaced with high-precision laser technology which melts the polymeric edges and joins them to the panel, creating a stronger and more lasting finish than any other system.

Furthermore this technique favours the environment as it is free of chemical substances such as glues and solvents. This technique is more sustainable and creates perfect finishes without practically any visible joints.

Check out these unbeatable results in the Emotions kitchen collection by Gamadecor. The kitchen’s entire interior framework has been finished with laser technology, thereby ensuring a water tight seal. Thus, this kitchen furniture shall not alter over time. Moreover, some of the collection finishes, such as the high pressure matt stratified finish, were created with nanotechnology, regenerating and fingerprint-resistant compounds, and finally sealed with laser technology.

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