December 12, 2019


L’Antic Colonial focuses the shine from metal on the Gravity Aluminium Dubai mosaic

Its geometrical pieces come with a smooth texture and five distinctive tones, namely: Rose Gold, Gold, Metal, Titanium and Copper.

Because of its uneven surface, the thickness in each series varies from 2cm to 2.5cm, providing depth and movement to each space in which it is used.

L´Antic Colonial has just released the Gravity Aluminium Dubai hexagonal mosaic, which is a new model that has been added to the Gravity metallic wall tile collection.


Owing to its brushed metallic finish and its five different tones: Rose Gold, Gold, Metal, Titanium and Copper; the pieces which make up this series have their own shine and volume which have a direct effect on the spaces, which take on a more artistic feel due to its application. 


With 22.5cm x 26cm x 2-2.5cm formats and a brushed uneven surface, Gravity Aluminium Dubai comes in a thickness which ranges from 2cm to 2.5cm; its design oozes oriental art. This is where it extracts the brightness from, the richness of its colours and the thoroughness with which Persian craftsmen from Isfahan work the metal varnishing.

The shine of distinction.


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