July 11, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


KRION™, innovation and functionality for the hotel sector

It banks on various technical and aesthetic features which turn it into the ideal material for the architectural sector.

Its versatility not only allows for furniture and decor elements to be created, but also facades.


The big offer which the hotel sector has had, and the ongoing changes in architectural trends are responsible for the continuous evolution in the sector. For that, when carrying out the setting up of a new establishment, using innovative and quality materials is essential. A good example of this is KrionTM, the solid surface from PORCELANOSA Grupo which is being installed in a number of spaces, thanks to its functional and aesthetic characteristics.

For any project

One of the leading characteristics that KrionTM has is its versatility. This allows it to be used to not only create furniture material and decor elements but also facades. This is possible thanks to it being a thermocurvable product which can be shaped and adapted to any type of design. KrionTM  has a wide chromatic range of more than 100 different tones which act as a source of inspiration and creativity alike. Lively colours, incredibly smooth nuances and textures which find their inspiration in: stone, cement and marble. An enormous range which offers endless possibilities for hotel development.

One material, so many solutions

With the versatility of KrionTM, we simply must add its excellent functional features which make it a very highly recommendable element for the hotel industry. Its low maintenance, its easy cleaning and its excellent resistance and durability are just some of its standout features.


In relation to its surface, it promotes hygiene because of having hardly any porosity or joints. Also, the Snow White EASTtone has the innovative K.Life technology, which is capable of killing bacteria and reducing pollution in the atmosphere, and like so, helping with the wellbeing of both the employees and the guests.

KRIONTM Solid Surface, a sustainable and guaranteed solution for the hotel sector

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