September 3, 2020


KRION™, sustainable solutions for shopfitters

The durability of PORCELANOSA Group firm’s solid surface and its sustainable origins have made it one of the most popular options for the construction, architecture and design of the most modern shops.


Krion, the PORCELANOSA Group firm specialising in offering materials for the creation of commercial fittings and furniture, has shown its firm commitment to looking after and protecting the environment since its beginnings. Based on the idea of being sustainable without sacrificing the strength and quality of its materials, the company developed Krion™. It is a mineral-based and highly durable solid surface, complying with the sustainability, quality and environmental-commitment standards set down in the company targets.

Besides its eco-friendly characteristics, Krion™’s success in shopfitting —the term used to refer to the construction, architecture and design of shops— lies in the fact that it is not a rigid surface with standard sizes. The added value of this cutting-edge product is that it gives professionals the freedom to design and create unique pieces thanks to its thermoforming capacity. This makes it a versatile material with infinite possibilities for adapting to any commercial space and even for designing accessories and sales signage.


Hygienic, durable and with the possibility to be backlit, Krion™ has become a trusted solution to promote the creation of environmentally-friendly shops that opt for sustainable and safe materials.

Krion™ K·Life 1100, safety in enclosed spaces

With the aim of improving people’s quality of life and making cities cleaner, the company has developed Krion™ K · Life 1100. This new, revolutionary material incorporates photocatalytic properties in its composition with KEAST technology that contributes to air purification and the elimination of bacteria from surfaces. As a result, safer and healthier environments are achieved.

Project: Gasparina store

Photo:  Pau Bellido – Hoyoyo Visual Lab

These are some of the properties that shopfitters are using to improve air quality in busy places such as shops, supermarkets, shopping centres or restaurants. This quality is particularly important today due to the need to guarantee safety and hygiene in enclosed spaces.

Coverlux™, un compromiso a largo plazo con el entorno

El compromiso de Krion PORCELANOSA Grupo por incorporar nuevos aspectos sostenibles en todas las fases que componen el ciclo de vida de sus materiales ha sido el leitmotiv que le ha impulsado a desarrollar Coverlux™Inspired by natural stones and with a strong decorative character that distinguishes it, this product is able to transform the walls, floors and even the furniture of any commercial space into a space of exclusive design.

Además, su fácil y rápida instalación hace que Coverlux™ resulte una excelente opción para emplearse en aquellas tiendas que quieren reformar sus interiores en cortos periodos de tiempo y utilizando los mínimos esfuerzos de mano de obra.

Fitwall™, gran formato y fácil instalación

Fitwall™ es el nuevo revestimiento de gran formato diseñado por Krion, formado por paneles decorativos de origen mineral que recrean los volúmenes y texturas de materiales naturales.

The wide variety of designs available, its sustainable composition and easy installation (no construction required) are some of the advantages aimed at the retail sector to create eye-catching environments, with their own individual character and identity.

Innovation at the service of professionals

All materials offered by Krion can be handled using the usual tools found in a carpentry workshop. However, to ensure a service that meets the quality standards set by PORCELANOSA Group, the firm has a technical project advisory service. Professionals can resolve their queries about the design, transformation and installation of materials.

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