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Solid surface

KRION® Solid Surface is featured in the Materia Kreativa event in Milan

On June 28, the Italian city of Milan, one of the main world capitals in design, was host to the Materia Kreativa event. An event in which independent Italian designers presented designs made with one of the materials with greater creative possibilities from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, namely the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral.

Eight projects “Made in Italy”

Specifically, there have been 8 designers who have exhibited their projects, all of which have been made with the KRION® Solid Surface cutting-edge material. Alessandra Faccenda with a modular design perfect for differentiating between atmospheres; Filippo Tazzari, with an imposing bathtub with an artistic mosaic inside; Franco Eccel, with artistic pieces of abundant colours; Gianluigi Roman, with an innovative and elegant shelter for puppies inside the house; Giulia Arquimede, with a lamp that inspires well-being and harmony; Nicolò Andrioli, with modular combinable boards; Play Wood, with easy to assemble furniture and changing shapes; And @TIMO with a project that inspires positive energy and authentic poetry.

KRION Solid Surface versatility

One of the highlights of this event is the disparity and originality of the exhibited projects. The KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral is featured because of its lightness, strength and moldability which allows for giving shape to practically any conceivable object. Firstly, its lightness is due to the fact that it is composed of two-thirds natural minerals, and a small percentage of high-strength resins. Secondly, despite its lightness and mineral composition, it is remarkably durable and strong.

This multifaceted and polyvalent material is capable of making any project possible. This has been demonstrated in each of the impressive and creative projects exhibited at the event.

Materia Kreativa, Milan

The KRION® Kreativa event has been created through the effort put in by the Porcelanosa showroom team in Milan and Stefano Epis, a communications professional and creator of the DesignCircus, by promoting and supporting independent designers and their projects, which in this case, was carried out in 2014.

In this edition, the participants of “KRION® Materia Kreativa” were supported by the experience and professionalism from Gariboldi Arreda. A fabricator firm from KRION®, which collaborates with the PORCELANOSA Grupo quite often, and which has been in charge of some of the exhibited designs.

Foto di Elisa Martinazzi

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