21 January 2021


Bespoke bathrooms with collections in Krion® Shell

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has designed several bathroom lines that offer an array of countertop and furniture combinations so each project can be fully customised.

Adding that extra personal touch to a bathroom that meets the taste and needs of the user is the trickiest challenge faced by interior designers or anyone else who loves working in the field. Krion, a PORCELANOSA Group company, has designed several combinable collections with Krion® Shell and Krion® Solid that'll put an end to the fear of a blank space, all with hygiene and sustainability at the fore.

The two product ranges launched by the brand include baths, shower trays, countertops, furniture and washbasins, and they all complement the company's other designs so you can enhance your bathroom in a way that's tailored to its unique architectural characteristics.

One countertop + Wave Nogal Negro unit

More than 100 combinations available

Krion® Shell and Krion® Solid materials can be used to create more than 100 different combinations of countertops, washbasins and furniture from the Nest, Smart, One, Natural, Kole, Spirit and Wave series, giving you maximum scope for creativity and design.

Smart 150 cm unit + One countertop
Enc. ONE 100 x 50 + ONE unit + Pure mirror D82_2.jpg
ONE countertop 100 x 50 + ONE unit
ONE countertop 100 x 50 cm
Smart 61 cm countertop + One 61 cm unit + Aro Air mirror_3.jpg
Smart 61 cm countertop + One 61 cm unit
Smart 150 cm unit + One 150 cm countertop

As well as the numerous bespoke designs Krion® offers, installing Krion® Shell and Krion® Solid makes for safer and more hygienic bathrooms for several reasons:

  • Resistance: These materials are highly resistant to blows and common stains: the surface will remain the same.
  • Hygiene: Because it's non-porous, it prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria on its surface, for simpler, quicker and more effective cleaning.
  • Easy to repair: If the surfaces do get scratched or damaged in any way, they're easy to repair.

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