June 14, 2017 | Updated: December 16, 2019


KRION® presents K-LIFE in Rome, the technology that will improve the quality of life

On June 6th, the PORCELANOSA Grupo presented its new K-LIFE material at a world premiere. Unprecedented technology from KRION® , which was shown to the public in an emblematic location: The Aquarium in Rome.

As an interactive experience, those attending were told that KRION® Eco-Active Solid Technology is the qualitative leap that KRION® has taken in the Solid Surface world, looking for a more ambitious objective: improving people’s quality of life.

The secret of this new technology is incorporating some activators in the product which, when in contact with any type of light, provide KRION® Eco-Active with innovative properties.

The event was aimed at the media and general public. The event generated great expectation, both for the revolutionary material and the prestige that the PORCELANOSA Grupo brand amasses in Italy, where it is already a benchmark in quality, innovation and exclusive products.

Nevertheless, this exhibition will travel beyond Rome, being a travelling exhibition. The next stops will be Milan, Sassuolo, Aosta, Pisa, Foligno, Frosinone, Bari or Catania, and then further down the line, going all over the world to countries such as: the United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates or United Kingdom. In each of these locations, the new properties of the material will be showcased and everything that differentiates the Solid Surface by PORCELANOSA Grupo from what we have seen before, until the present time.

The future is here with K-LIFE

One of the most amazing features of KRION® Eco-Active is that it is capable of purifying the air. In fact, it has been proven that a square metre of this material can purify the air necessary for 6.5 people to breathe pure air for a year.

Although it seems unbelievable, this firm has also provided this product with the capability to be 117% more antibacterial, since it not only repels bacteria, but it eliminates them progressively as well.

In addition, thanks to its revolutionary new technology, liquids and dirt can be cleaned off the surface of this material more easily and therefore, there is less need to use detergents. But there is even more to see as KRION® Eco-Active Solid Technology (KEAST) is capable of eliminating up to 100% of the chemicals coming in contact with the matter, either as pesticides from the food we eat or as harmful substances from the environment.

The PORCELANOSA Grupo’s tireless commitment to research has once again made the firm take us directly into the future and present us with a material with unique properties in the Solid Surface world. The contribution from the PORCELANOSA Grupo to architecture and interior design will improve the quality of life.

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