22 December 2021


Bespoke worktops with KRION®

Thanks to its bacteriostatic properties and high resistance, the PORCELANOSA Group's compact mineral allows more durable and hygienic spaces to be designed.

Countertops are an essential item in kitchens and bathrooms and their design helps to define the personality of a home. Materials such as marble, granite or KRION® (PORCELANOSA Group) give added strength and unify these designs, which redefine the uses of the kitchen. They are no longer just a working area but can be used as a main table, a supplementary table or a decorative feature.

KRION® Lux countertops for any kitchen

KRION® Lux compact mineral is strong, can be thermoformed and is easy to repair, making it ideal for bespoke worktops and kitchen furniture. With its pure white colour and insulating properties, it can be used to create light, spacious and modern kitchens. It is almost totally non-porous, preventing the proliferation of infectious agents on its surface and increasing its resistance in rooms such as this.

Strong, sustainable bathroom countertops

KRION® Lux countertops highlight the personality and clean lines of bathrooms thanks to their natural finishes and easy installation. KRION® tops can be fitted to washbasins and wall-mounted units. With their imperceptible joins they create a continuous design that enhances the appearance of any bathroom. These Solid Surface fittings are environmentally friendly and resistant to chemical agents and moisture. Installing them in the bathroom will improve the safety and cleanliness of your home thanks to their aseptic properties and high mineral content.

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