January 8, 2014 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Krion is more than a solid surface: proposals by the Raskl studio

The peculiar character of the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group has boosted designers and engineers creativity, who believe this new versatile material to be the base for objects and products we use daily.

An obvious example of this is found in the different proposals by the British Raskl. Design Studio & Workshop. The studio designed all sorts of objects ranging from a radio to kitchen utensils, using a numeric control machine in the design and manufacturing process.

With a retro design, inspired by old transistors, Raskl used Krion’s® acoustic benefits to create a different radio. It looks like a radio from another period with a special charm and is made with avant-garde materials adapted to current technology.

The hygienic benefits of the compact mineral developed by Systempool make it ideal for kitchen utensils. From the British studio comes an elegant set of three stackable utensils with simple lines. A coloured wedge is composed when you stack them up.

These objects are a clear example of the studio’s philosophy “no limits”; a proactive attitude by the company who have been creating innovating and exclusive designs for over ten years.

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