August 22, 2019 | Updated: November 13, 2019


Krion™ in shopping centres: sustainability and resistance portrayed in the design

The solid surface from PORCELANOSA Grupo brings the ideal features of aesthetics, sustainability and quality together for high-traffic spaces.

Features like the thermocurving property and the zero-porosity help to create spaces which are safe for people.

One of Krion’s main objectives is to create spaces that are beneficial for people and their atmosphere at an aesthetic, sustainable and functional level. Therefore, every effort is made to focus on manufacturing a material that guarantees people’s safety without compromising the endless creation capabilities which make the material a unique surface.

Surfaces with unlimited creative possibilities

One of the main advantages of using KrionTM in shopping centres is its ability to meet the needs of the atmosphere regarding shapes and finishes alike. The thermocurving property, which allows for the material to be shaped according to the requirements of the design and the space, gives the surface unique shapes, along with complete adaptability.

Krion™ in the Plenilunio CC in Madrid / Architect: Chapman Taylor / Transformed by Galian

Because of being full bodied, KrionTM can be cut at any angle without losing any colour, and furthermore, it is highly resistance over time, which helps to maintain an atmosphere of design which remains unaffected for much longer.

The backlighting property is perfect for providing a touch of innovation in establishments and public spaces, as well as increasing client customisation. Signs, corporate identity and signage are enhanced when they are backlit.

Krion™ in the Plenilunio CC in Madrid / Architect: Chapman Taylor / Transformed by Galian

A long-lasting material which is beneficial for people

If the aesthetic possibilities of KrionTM are a plus in all its applications, the fact of being long-lasting and its easy-to-repair properties provide extra assurance and safety in both the retail sector and public spaces. All of this results in better profitability for the client.

Hygiene is another aspect to bear in mind. The zero porosity and the absence of joints with KrionTM makes cleaning easier without the need to use chemicals. As well as that, its bacteriostatic qualities prevent any bacterial build-up. These two properties make projects manufactured with KrionTM safe atmospheres for people.

Krion™ in the Plenilunio CC in Madrid / Architect: Chapman Taylor / Transformed by Galian

The benefits are enhanced with KrionTM K·Life, the material with KEAST technology, which gives it the ability to reduce environmental pollution because of its photocatalytic nature. This quality, together with the intrinsic properties of the aforementioned surface, make the Krion compact mineral from PORCELANOSA Grupo the ideal choice for spaces that look for hygiene, design, functionality and long-lasting features.

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