3 June 2021 | Updated: 25 June 2021


Krion in full colour at the Porcelanosa New Product Exhibition

The PORCELANOSA Group firm incorporates new shades of Krion® Lux and presents its new Fitwall® material with more realistic textures.

More innovative and personalised designs. This is what Krion® (PORCELANOSA Group) offers with its Fitwall® decorative panels and on the Krion Lux or Coverlux® surfaces. Three lines that the firm has presented this week at Porcelanosa's main stores in Spain and Portugal within the New Product Exhibition.

Natural colours for simple spaces

1-2 Krion® L108 Snow Cloudy

3-4 Krion® L506 Coffee Cream

5 Krion® L107 Grey Stripes

Composed mostly of minerals, Krion® Lux adapts to any type of project thanks to its high resistance and thermoforming capacity.

This is the case in its extensive Luxury collection, which is available in 250 cm x 76 cm x 0.6 cm (thickness) and 368 cm x 76 cm x 1.2 com (thickness) formats. Its finishes recall natural stone with a more realistic appearance in the shades of Grey Stripes, Snow Cloudy and Coffee Cream.

With small nodules and delicate grey veins, Snow Cloudy enhances the simplicity of spaces and makes each piece an icon of design thanks to its stony appearance and its clean lines. The same applies to Grey Stripes, a white slab with several grey tones, or Coffee Cream, a beige surface inspired by the stone that acquires greater luminosity through its hazelnut, coffee and cinnamon tones.

Livelier spaces with Coverlux®

Coverlux® PS902 Orobico Krion Porcelanosa-1

Coverlux® PS902 Orobico Krion

Understood as a material for covering spaces or furniture, Coverlux® is a set of composite sheets that combine the look of natural stone with the modern technology of resins and mineral fillers.

1-2 Coverlux® PS502 Golden Alabaster Krion

3-4 Coverlux® PS903 Fragstones Krion

The mineral structure of Coverlux® (with alumina trihydrate as the main component) and the high gloss, hard polymeric coating is complemented by the 244 cm x 122 cm x 1 cm pieces in the following series:

  • FragStones: These slabs allow for the creation of backlit surfaces thanks to their translucent character and multiple details.
  • Orobico: The pieces in this collection reproduce the contrasts and shine of natural stone, with shades ranging from cream to dark green or gold, and it can be used for the bookmatching technique.
  • Golden Alabaster: Designed with brown and white veins crossing over a golden background, this marble piece can be used for furniture, fittings or backlit walls.
Fitwall® Creative Series Palm Carinnean Krion Porcelanosa
Fitwall® Creative Series Palm Carinnean Krion
Fitwall® Rolling Series White Sand Krion Porcelanosa
Fitwall® Rolling Series White Sand Krion
Fitwall® Wood Series Doghe Roble Murano Krion
Fitwall® Concrete Series Arco White Sand

Fitwall®: a sustainable and stylish decorative panel

Made from a unique combination of different raw materials (mineral and resin with 3% recycled PET content), the Fitwall® panels have the SCS Global Service certification in all textures and colours.

Pieces that recreate brick, wood, cement, concrete, fabric and natural elements in four new series: Concrete Series (Wave, Arco and Rolling), Cotto Series (Mattonella), Wood Series (Doghe) and Creative Series (Palm, Oz, Willow and Shades).

Integrated and sustainable bathrooms with Krion Shell®

NATURAL White countertop + Roble Mediterraneo under-counter unit

1. Natural White countertop 150 x 50 cm + 2 Natural Roble Mediterraneo 75 x 50 cm drawers

Krion Shell® is an Engineered Mineral Composite made up of two parts: A solid and homogeneous outer layer of minerals (ATH) and resin, and a primary body composed of minerals (dolomites) and an Eco Resin with recycled PET (5%).

1 - Natural countertop in black graphite texture Krion Shell®

2- Natural countertop 150 cm x 50 cm + Nogal Origin wall-mounted unit 75 cm x 50 cm Krion Shell

3-Natural White countertop 80 cm x 50 cm + Roble Mediterraneo under counter unit Krion Shell

A bathroom compound that has been extended with the new Natural line. Made up of self-supporting countertops with realistic textures, integrated smooth washbasins and wall-mounted units with a wooden look, this collection is the first to offer rock texture surfaces.

Available in two shades (classic white and graphite black) and measuring 80 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm or 150 cm long, with a depth of 50 cm, Natural countertops are available in two different thicknesses, 3 cm or 12 cm, and they include a towel rail in some models. They can also be combined with the units from the Wave, Nest, Smart and One series, to extend the creative possibilities to the full.

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