18 March 2021 | Updated: 23 March 2021


Krion shower screens for lighter, better designed bathrooms

Bathrooms can be lighter, more spacious and better organised with this type of system.

Fitting a shower screen improves hygiene and safety in the bathroom because it protects the floor from damp, splashing and knocks.

These screens make life better because they can be adapted to individual bathrooms, retain warmth, help to prevent users slipping when they step out and give a sensation of space because of their glass sides.



How to choose a screen:

Before installing a screen, it is important to know where it is to be fitted (over a shower tray or a bath) and decide where you will enter.

After this, you should choose the type of opening (folding, sliding, collapsible doors, no door at all) and avoid positioning it near radiators or hangers so that it can be opened without difficulty.


Design shower screens


Another option is to design a customised screen, taking advantage of Krion’s quality and performance.  The PORCELANOSA Group company includes customisable designs in all its styles (chrome and black) and models. System-Glass treatment is used to reduce the amount of water left on the glass, so that limescale and dirt do not build up.

Shower screens may be open or closed:

  • Completely closed:  These screens have 1, 2 or 3 glass sides and sliding doors to make better use of space.
  • Open. These screens have fixed glass panels, leaving more space at the entry point, making them suitable for people with reduced mobility.
ATTICA 2C+5_Plato Ras.jpg
ATTICA 2C + 5 Plato Ras
Attica 9 Black Plato Ras
Deca 9C+5_Plato Flow.jpg
Deca 9C + 5 Plato Flow
Neo 9 Plato Ras
S+Line 9C+5 Black_Plato Ras.jpg
S+Line 9C + 5 Black Plato Ras
SILKE 9_Plato Flow.jpg
SILKE 9 Plato Flow
YOVE 9_Plato Slope.jpg
YOVE 9 Plato Slope

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