The new generation of SMART kitchens

Intelligent, drop-down, motorised and dynamic; the kitchens from the PORCELANOSA Grupo represent cutting-edge kitchens which will set the trend in the future.
March 20, 2019

Key points for the perfect kitchen design

Gamadecor, the company from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, has incorporated the latest technology and the finest materials into its equipment. Open kitchens, ceramic wall tiles, large porcelain worktops and hidden cupboards are just some of the latest trends which will make this space a unique place. Thought up to be a space where family and friends […]

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August 22, 2018

PORCELANOSA Grupo projects: sophisticated kitchens in the eclectic Vancouver

Cuarcita E5.70 kitchens by Gamadecor are incorporated into 10 modernist houses in the city centre. The lacquered white of these pieces is assisted by small baseboards and edges covered with laser technology.

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