November 14, 2019

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Kitchen window ideas

Having abundant natural daylight in the kitchen is one of the most important considerations when it comes to its configuration and décor. Of course artificial light is critical too but the sensation of connection to the outdoors and the colour rendering as well as the general wellbeing that natural light provides is unique. Large windows are the key to generous day lighting and visual connection between the indoors and the outdoors. A kitchen with large windows can provide a focal point around which the entire space can be organised.

Kitchen planning around its windows

Generally speaking there should be more than one window in the kitchen in order to throw light over the different activities carried out there. Normally a window should be installed above the kitchen sink which should be supplemented by other openings. Where possible, installing a roof light can transform a space in addition to other conventional type windows. Having a large window located near work surfaces helps when preparing food and if possible should be strategically located beside the island or breakfast bar. The best kitchen designs for large windows include organic finishes and materials such as natural wood, ceramic, metal and stone. PORCELANOSA produce a range that reflect the latest trends in smart technology and eclectic finishes. Their patina is underlined by the subtleties of the light falling across them at different angles over different times of the day and the year. 

Kitchen window ideas

What types of windows are best? 

Windows are normally categorised according to their frame. There are numerous options on the market including hardwood timber, uPVC, metal and composite (metal exterior and wood interior). Modern kitchen windows are light years away from the traditional options, today double or even triple glazing is de rigor. Frames should provide passive ventilation which is all important in the kitchen. And depending on orientation glass can be tinted or otherwise protected from glare.

Kitchen window ideas
Credit: @arquitecturaaldescubierto

Large glass windows 

Floor to ceiling glazing will require safety glass which is normally laminated to prevent accidents. Even large glazed surfaces should incorporate opening sections. Guillotine, sash, sliding or outward opening panels, whatever the choice the important things is that the window opens. This allows for the fresh garden smells to whet the appetite in the spring and the wafting summer breeze to heighten the senses. Even in the autumn the chill in the air is best experienced first hand in the kitchen. 

Kitchen window ideas
Credit: @matt_at_ashislandlofts

How to decorate kitchen windows 

The treatment of kitchen windows varies greatly, from the wall finish to the surrounding architraves, as well as the curtains or blinds etc. The critical consideration is that the kitchen is a damp environment so materials should be moisture resistant. Ceramic tiling is an ideal choice for reveals and contiguous wall finishes. Regarding how to tile around a kitchen window the reveals should be protected with a metal or plastic corner angle. This gives additional protection to the tiles and avoids damage from wear and tear. Light coloured tiles or paint colour will help reflect more natural light into the kitchen.


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