January 26, 2024

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2024 Kitchen Trends to Watch Out for This Year

With all the time we spend in our kitchens nowadays, it’s no wonder that we want to keep its décor stylish and up to date. The following 2024 kitchen trends provide a guide to what designs are coming down the line this year.

From cosy comfort to statement colours, and natural materials to designer equipment, 2024 kitchen trends share a functional aesthetic that suits its time. Clever storage and coffee stations reflect how we are using our kitchens in 2024. To sum up these trends, we could say that the kitchen is getting its mojo back.

Join us on our journey through twelve different kitchen trends that we think will stand the test of time. Not only in terms of looks but in a practical day-to-day use of the kitchen. Make 2024 the year that your kitchen dreams become reality.

Smart kitchen with invisible induction worktop by Porcelanosa

Smart kitchen E9.30 Xtone Carrara White Nature / Roble Árido (Available in-store)

#01     Eat-in Kitchens

Beyond the kitchen island, there is going to be a whole range of other options for sitting down to eat in the kitchen this year. Banquette-style seating and standard dining tables provide a practical and easy-going sit-down option. We will also see stools added to the ends of kitchen islands to convert them into conversation islands or clusters.


#02     Kitchen Tile Trends

The use of kitchen wall tiles in 2024 looks like it’s going to be more subtle than in recent years. Not minimalist, but low-key, quality rather than quantity. Like the marble effect kitchen with contrasting veining. As well as textured tiles, hand-crafted tiles like Zellige for example used as panels. Large kitchen tiles in stone, cement and timber effect are going to be more visible than ever.


#03     Kitchen Floor Trends

Large format floor tiles will continue to gain in popularity through 2024 thanks to their undeniable aesthetic qualities. The continuous surface, joint-free in appearance looks modern and clean with a functional quality that captures the dominant mood this year. Rectified stone effect tiles are the perfect expression of this no-fuss but highly stylish trend. Large kitchen floor tiles will never go out of style and represent a good investment, especially in the open-plan kitchen.


Kitchen with large format flooring tiles

#04     Solid Surface Backsplash

Despite the perennial popularity of the tiled backsplash, the panel-style alternative with no grouting joints is gaining popularity right now. The look can be dramatic, especially when done in a stone like marble, or metal, glass, or even specialist plaster. Combine with strip lighting and open shelving to highlight the chosen material.


#05     Colourful Kitchen Cabinets

Colour palettes are becoming more daring, and 2024 kitchen trends will also see the return of characterful tones for cabinets. Trending kitchen colours will include earthy reds and beiges as well as sage green and pistachio shades. Timber is also making a strong come-back in timeless wood shades like oak, ash and walnut which underline the resurgence of natural materials in décor.

Kitchen cabinet doors with striped relief

This year we are going to see more of the following styles of kitchen cabinets:

  • Cabinet doors with a relief or a texture that indicate depth and a solid quality.
  • Colour combinations that work with timber worktops, shelving and selected items of furniture.
  • Reflective metallic ironmongery accents to compliment characterful colour shades.
  • Mouldings and profiles added to kitchen cabinet doors to add visual interest. 


Roble Árido kitchen cupboard doors

#06     Induction Hobs for 2024 Kitchen Trends

Its clean lines and practical maintenance will make 2024 the year of the induction hob. Offering several distinct advantages over gas including a much simpler installation as well as greater freedom. The induction hob only requires an electrical outlet and can be kept in pristine condition with the right cleaning products. It can also be integrated with the Xtone Smart kitchen countertop for dramatic effect.


#07     Statement Hoods

The statement hood is going to be ubiquitous in 2024 kitchen trends. Practical and visually impacting, the hood is a critical piece of equipment in a contemporary kitchen. Air quality is undoubtedly becoming an issue in modern homes, with a focus on chemical-free materials.

The hood finish can reflect the other materials used in the décor or it can break with its surroundings and become a feature. In fact, we will see whole kitchens designed around the hood.


Open-plan kitchen with island integrating cooking area and breakfast bar

Kitchen E9.30 Xtone Tivoli Beige Nature / E6.90 Roble Cobre (Available in-store)

#08     Metallic Appliances, Accessories & Accents

We are going to see more daring choices in kitchen appliances, like the black stainless-steel fridge, cooker and other equipment. As well warmer metallics such as brass and copper or rose gold for ironmongery and kitchen taps. A black kitchen with brassware looks sophisticated and stylish by drawing on traditional look metal accessories.


#09     The Hidden Pantry

Among the more luxurious 2024 kitchen trends is the separation of the pantry from the kitchen proper. The idea is to keep the kitchen free from clutter and allow the space to breathe.

Floating shelving rather than floor-to-ceiling cabinets adds dimension to the kitchen area. In contrast, the pantry can be more functional with more intensive storage. Not every kitchen can accommodate a hidden pantry, but most will be able to fit a separate pantry unit or pull-out cabinet. A variation on this trend is a glass door, or dedicated alcove that visually connects the pantry and the kitchen.


#10     Open-plan Kitchen Layout

The open-plan kitchen and living area is now an established way of living for householders. This configuration suits contemporary lifestyles. Nevertheless, in 2024 we are going to see subtle changes being introduced into the open-plan kitchen concept.

As discussed in a previous instalment of this series, the relationships between the different zones will be more nuanced. We can summarise these changes in kitchen trends as follows:

  • Electrical appliances and kitchen equipment on display will be more curated.
  • Hoods and ventilation extracts are going to be more powerful (and visible).
  • The integration of a workstation as a home office within the open-plan layout.
  • The pantry will be separate or more hidden within the kitchen layout.
  • Parts of the kitchen configuration are going to be displaced, like the coffee station, in a separate zone.
  • Sliding doors and glazed openings will help make layouts more flexible, different zones can be open, connected visually or separated.


Kitchen with hidden appliances and storage by sliding doors

Buffet Forest E9.30 Xtone Fiori di Bosco Nature / E7.90 Roble Noche (Available in-store)

#11     Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is going to be much more playful this year with additional options to brighten up the space. Whether it be coving lighting or LED strips along the toe-kick, kitchen trends this year will be more luminous. The combination of ambient, task and accent lighting is going to be much more layered in the kitchen and will complement other designer trends. We recommend keeping all lighting within the same temperature range for a better end result.


#12     Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen worktop is a big-ticket item, one that is unlikely to be changed on a regular basis. The most popular trends right now include large ceramic tiled worktops. Unlike the tiled kitchen worktops of previous decades, the larger format tiles include fewer joints while still providing great artistic possibilities. Similarly, 2024 kitchen trends include matching kitchen backsplash and worktop as a coordinated installation.


The beginning of the year is a time for making plans and preparing to make dreams a reality. If you have any questions or want more information on any of these topics, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. Alternatively, the professional staff at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom will be happy to convert your kitchen dreams into reality. Click below to make an appointment.


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