December 17, 2020

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How to choose the best kitchen table and chairs for your home

Nowadays when we consider the kitchen and its activities we think of a space of mixed uses; a work space, a socialising space, and a space of intimacy. 

Because of societal changes and our greater focus on food the kitchen is at the centre of the contemporary home.

The pieces we choose to help furnish and decorate the kitchen will help resolve these contradictory requirements so we should choose them wisely. Just as the décor of any other room in the home is defined by these pieces, kitchen furniture is no different.


Seven stool and chair


The kitchen table and chairs are among the largest and most important items of furniture, creating a setting where things happen, a place of gathering and conversation, work, and play. If we consider the kitchen table and chairs as separate pieces then both should compliment one another.

Alternatively, the kitchen table and chairs can be bought as a set whereby they are made of the same or complimentary materials and share certain design characteristics.

The kitchen table and chairs are among the largest and most important items of kitchen furniture.

Kitchen table as an extension of the worktop

Another increasingly popular way of considering the kitchen table is as an extension of the kitchen worktop or the kitchen island. The breakfast bar with its high stools is not only suitable for eating ‘on the run’ but can also be designed as an elegant and comfortable table for a more ‘gastronomic experience’.

While the breakfast bar is now a common feature in the contemporary kitchen dropping the height of the worktop to conventional table-level is another more unusual variation. The differential factor is the height because the worktop counter must be positioned between 90 cm and 95 cm above the floor level while the surface of the kitchen table is typically 76 cm in height.

Depending on the kitchen layout the worktop can convert into a peninsula that is a continuation or perpendicular to the island or worktop. When considering this option, enough space to pull back a chair comfortably must be allowed for and it is advisable to sketch out the exact dimensions before going ahead with any final layout.



Sunset stool


The kitchen table and chairs as an independent grouping

The renowned Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh considered the dining table and chairs as a room within a room within his extraordinary houses of the Art Nouveau era.

His furniture design expressed as a series of high backed chairs, deliberately directed conversation towards the centre of the table. Nowadays the modern kitchen table and chairs, on the other hand, is much less formal, a quality that is reflected in its design.

When designing a separate grouping of kitchen table and chairs we can benefit from pendant lighting and a change of flooring finish to help define the zone. Space permitting the kitchen table and chairs should be distanced from cooking odours and be clearly defined as an independent grouping.



Forma chair


Kitchen chairs

Ergonomic design is the study of the interaction between the human body and the world around us. The act of sitting is of particular importance because of the strain extended periods of sitting put on the back.

Ergonomic principles are applied to kitchen chairs in order to provide support for the back and ensure good posture. This means with regard to height the feet must be able to touch the ground, the width and depth of the seat should be considered, and whether there are arm rests or not.

A padded seat or backrest for additional comfort can be a feature although typically for hygiene reasons the kitchen chairs are normally not upholstered.



Forest table and chair


Small kitchen table and chairs

For smaller kitchens, there are several space-saving and practical options:

  • One is the pull out table, a table where normally two leaves are accommodated under the main surface. This has the advantage of being small and unobtrusive when as well as being capable of accommodating larger groups when required.
  • The hinged flap is another space-saving option, where the leaf of the table is stored vertically and when required is made horizontal. The hinged table can be stored against a kitchen wall or form part of an island or peninsula.
  • Other space-saving configurations include a rolling worktop height table when opened out and a camouflage cover for the kitchen island or worktop when in the closed position.


Tao chair


Kitchen table and chairs set

After the cabinets and worktop, the kitchen table and chairs represents the greatest kitchen investment (discounting the appliances). Rather than buying the kitchen table and chairs separately, another option is to buy a complete set.

This ensures that the relative heights between chair and table are optimum, it also guarantees a design continuity within what can be a small and packed kitchen space.



Tao chair and dreams table


Round kitchen table and chairs

Instead of the typical square or rectangular table, the round kitchen table represents an alternative option that is more suitable for certain spaces.

Because it doesn’t have a main axis the circular or oval table works best for open plan rooms where the kitchen table and chairs are seen in the round. There is a lack of hierarchy at the round kitchen table and one of its greatest features is accommodating everyone evenly with no awkward corners taking up room.



Hat table



Living Collections

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FAQs regarding choosing and decorating the kitchen table and chairs


In the same way that watching cooking programmes can never get across how food actually tastes; reading about music can never equal the joy of listening to it so too design and furniture is better experienced in the real, physical world. Visiting the kitchen showroom is recommended before choosing the kitchen table and chairs. There the different options can appreciated, the finishes, the comfort, the height, etc. can be tried and tested. Staff can advise on matching cabinets, worktops, light fittings, and in so doing create an overall kitchen space that answers both practical and aesthetic needs.

Place mats are a good idea for daily use because they can be decorative as well as protecting the kitchen table surface or table cloth. Pair with coasters for a simple but elegant look. Simplicity is the key to an attractive day-to-day kitchen table but simple doesn’t have to mean boring.

Glass or brighter surfaces work well for small kitchens with limited light, while darker colours and wood tones can be elegant and classic for larger spaces where there’s an abundance of natural light. Strong colours are best avoided because table dressing and ornament can lend the kitchen table chromatic pizazz.

Lighting is also an important consideration, sufficient natural and artificial light should be provided to render the food correctly while avoiding saturating the ambience. Pendant fittings and spots are a great way to ensure correct lighting of the table, where the fittings also serve to decorate and draw attention to the kitchen table.

Like clothes on the body dressing the kitchen table is a question of the occasion. For normal day to day dining some basic items will suffice. However for festive celebrations or special occasions the kitchen tables represents a blank canvas for creativity. Fabric, decorative objects, practical utensils and colourful accessories should be combined like a painter would use brush strokes to create an ambience. Napkin rings, drinking glasses, centre pieces, name cards, candles, cutlery supports (to prevent stains) etc can be employed to customise a table and make meals unforgettable.

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