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Guide to Kitchen Storage Ideas

Every kitchen looks better when it is well-organised and free from clutter. Kitchen storage ideas add to the functionality and enjoyment of both cooking and entertaining.

Through this article, we are going to break down the different ways that you can rationalise your kitchen storage. As well as providing advice on making the very most of every square inch of available space to help keep clutter at bay. In addition, we will be suggesting some innovative ways to make storage work for your kitchen. Keep reading, we guarantee that with these kitchen storage ideas, you’ll never think of cabinets and drawers in the same way again.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: The Basics

There’s not much point in storing things that are never used in the kitchen so, before anything else, we recommend taking an inventory. Be ruthless and get rid of anything taking up space that has not been used over the last 12 months or so.

For optimum kitchen storage, the most important consideration is organisation. This means grouping together dry foods, condiments, utensils, kitchen gadgets etc. in an orderly fashion. Just as every kitchen follows a classic triangulation of preparation, cleaning and cooking so too should storage.


Note: How to calculate your kitchen storage requirements

The determining factor when planning the size of your kitchen is the amount of storage you require. This varies for every household but, as a general rule of thumb, think of the kitchen as a fridge; an adult will require approximately 140 L (5 cubic feet) storage, so a family of 2 adults and 2 children (over 4 years) will need a fridge with a minimum capacity of 500 and 550 L (18 – 20 cubic feet).

For dry goods, allow for between 400 and 500 L (14 and 18 cubic feet) storage per person. The average wall cabinet has a 250 L (9 cubic ft) capacity and a floor-to-ceiling pantry unit can accommodate 1,350 L (48 cubic feet).

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: Base & Wall Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are the main tool at your disposal for kitchen storage. Fitted kitchens are assembled from standard-size cabinets. These cabinets are either base cabinets, wall cabinets or full-height cabinets. The following suggestions provide a guide to the best use of these typical kitchen cabinets.

  • Standard cabinets with shelves can be made more practical for storage by adding a metal rack which doubles the capacity for accommodating plates and other utensils.
  • The pull-out pantry-type cabinet can occupy standard or awkward spaces in the fitted kitchen.
  • Roll-out drawers are standard in any fitted kitchen but, instead of just using them to store cutlery and kitchen linen, they can be a space-saving way of storing a number of other typical kitchen utensils. And can be used for vegetable storage provided they are well-ventilated.
  • Full-height cabinets are deeper than wall cabinets and can, therefore, maximise the available space. These areas are ideal for integrated fridges, pantry units or storing seldom-used kitchen utensils.

Kitchen Storage Ideas: The Pantry

Organising food storage is just as important as storing kitchen utensils and equipment. Normally we keep dry foods on kitchen shelves in the pantry which can be a separate space or a dedicated storage cabinet.

These goods can be stored within their own packaging or can be decanted into glass jars or other containers. As a rule, it’s best to keep those items that are used regularly within easy reach, while other foodstuffs can be stored higher up.

The foodstuffs we store in the pantry are in constant rotation and account for the bulk of storage requirements. The following kitchen storage ideas will help you be more creative with dried goods.

  • Separate the storage into themed areas. Like a breakfast station where the toaster, coffee and tea as well as cereals can be stored. The pantry can have a worktop and electrical outlets which can be hidden behind cabinet doors when not in use.
  • Floor-to-ceiling shelving. Make the most of every available square inch for shelving. We advise including a variety of heights to suit different goods and containers.
  • Add storage shelves to doors. The inside face of cabinet doors is a great place for storing spices and condiments.
  • Recondition a vintage dresser or other shelving unit to add a characterful and practical addition to your kitchen storage.
  • Keep a kitchen step ladder nearby to help reach the top shelves of your pantry. The design of the step ladder can be a decorative addition to the kitchen. Nowadays there’s a range of practical options such as stools that double as step ladders.
  • Make your own food labels to identify different foodstuffs in jars and containers. Stackable containers will help to maximise the storage capacity of shelves.

Corner Units & Difficult to Access Storage

Sometimes the configuration of the kitchen layout results in difficult-to-access corner cabinets. Carrousel units that revolve 360º will help utilise the difficult-to-reach these corner base cabinets. The bottom trays are normally wider in diameter to allow for easier access. The carrousel is sometimes called a ‘Lazy Susan’ and is ideal for storing large and bulky items.

Alternatively, a swing-out organiser or blind cabinet organiser is also an efficient use of blind space. These are trays with hinge mechanisms that can be tiered, one on top of another. Just pull on one of the trays and the mechanism pulls the stored items out of the cabinet to be fully accessible.

Blind kitchen cabinet organiser by Porcelanosa

Inserts to make the most of Kitchen Drawers

For some time now kitchen trends are featuring wider base cabinets and drawer units. Up to 90 cm in width is standard in some contemporary kitchen layouts. These slide-out trays are a valuable resource for storing all sorts of kitchen items, not just cutlery. The following ideas for kitchen drawer organisers will help inspire you to think of the pullout drawer differently:

  • Designate a home for every item of kitchen cutlery and other utensils. Drawer inserts are variable and can be adapted to accommodate everything from bottle openers, and spatulas to apple corers.
  • Add a knife dock for sharp kitchen knives to the drawer instead of keeping them on the counter. This approach is both safer and helps avoid visual clutter on the kitchen worktop. 
  • Keep pots and pans in pullout drawer units instead of hanging them in full view. Avoid stacking them to allow for easier access. Arrange in alternate rows to maximise the space.
  • Store plates and bowls that are used most frequently into handy drawer units. Choose a deep drawer that can accommodate the full set.
  • Keep kitchen textiles including dishcloths, kitchen towels, placemats and napkins in separate drawer compartments. Roll up the larger items to make space.

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Kitchen Storage Ideas: The Backsplash


Although not immediately obvious, the kitchen backsplash is an invaluable resource for storage. Slim items such as cutting boards, spice racks, and knives can be easily stored. We recommend using a continuous rail system attached to the backsplash that can hold kitchen equipment from hooks. An alternative approach is to add magnetised metal panels that keep knives and other metallic utensils.

Small kitchen storage ideas

For small kitchens where space is at a premium, we must be clever about kitchen storage. Every surface can be pressed into the service of storage; the back of a closet door, for instance, can be converted into a series of hooks for mops, brooms, pans and dusters. The underside of wall cabinets can be fitted with racks and additional shelving.

Store pans sideways in base cabinets using special dividing inserts. Place a slide-out cutting board over a waste bin directly underneath in the base cabinet.

Make use of vertical racks on worktops for cooking equipment. Hooks for hanging pots and pans will not only save space but look rustic. And tilt drawers for the fake fronts under kitchen sink units, can be used for washing up articles including sponges and cloths for wiping worktop surfaces.


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Storage on display vs hidden storage

Broadly speaking, there are two opposing approaches regarding storage in the kitchen. One where ingredients and utensils are on view and the other where everything is hidden.

The more modern-looking open display storage is actually inspired by traditional kitchens. Wall cabinet and even base cabinet doors are fitted with glass panels making everything inside visible. Or, alternatively, floating shelving replaces wall cabinets to keep kitchen items within easy reach. Whatever the preference, we recommend the following:

  • Integrate cabinet lighting with LED lights to create a designer statement backlit effect.
  • Curate your plates and bowls to convert them into artistic objects that make for an attractive display.
  • Choose top-hung cabinet doors for wall units to optimise the display of stored objects.
  • Fit designer ironmongery for pull handles and opening mechanisms to highlight the effect.
  • Add racks or open shelving under the kitchen island to optimise space and show off designer equipment.


Clever Hidden Kitchen Storage Ideas

Being clever with kitchen storage depends on the size of the kitchen; the smaller it is the cleverer one must be to achieve a functional and orderly kitchen. But even the larger kitchen can benefit from a rationalised storage regime where food, equipment and utensils are grouped together and arranged in a rational way.

  • The kitchen island can also provide additional storage space, with open shelving and cabinets incorporated.
  • Most fitted kitchens measure 230 cm over floor level which leaves another 25 cm free space between the top of the cabinet and the underside of the ceiling to use for storage. Add shelving and store seldom-used utensils.
  • The ‘toe-kick’ recessed area underneath the base cabinets can be exploited with pullout drawers. Ideal for flat baking pans and serving dishes.
  • Hide waste bins underneath the kitchen sink with a self-opening mechanism. If you compost, incorporate the bin underneath an island worktop with a sealed lid. This can be exclusively used for organic waste, allowing everything else to be recycled.


Porcelanosa Kitchen island with storage on display

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Discover a World of Kitchen Storage Ideas

We have looked at how better storage can help organise the kitchen. And explored how even the humble drawer unit can be transformed into an Aladin’s cave of storage. With modern glass-fronted cabinets, we have proved that storage can even be decorative.

However, nothing beats going to one of our Porcelanosa showrooms to really open your eyes to the possibilities of kitchen storage ideas. Make an appointment to consult our experts and declutter your kitchen.


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