5 January 2021

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Best kitchen renovation ideas for 2022

This is the time of year to make plans and resolutions. That includes improving and modifying our home décor to better suit our current needs and aspirations. After spending so much time in the kitchen over the holidays, we can all agree that this is the most logical place to start. Follow our expert advice to get all the kitchen renovation management information and design tips you need.


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Kitchen trends for 2022

It’s always advisable to keep an eye on what is popular in contemporary home décor. Not only from an investment but also from a lifestyle point of view. But what’s trending in kitchen cabinetsworktops and floor tiles for 2022? This article looks at trends and timeless inspiration for your kitchen remodelling ideas for 2022.


As a general rule, keep in mind that the goal is to make your kitchen work for you, not the other way around. In other words, kitchen remodelling should be easy to maintain and not add work to daily or weekly cleaning.

12 ideas for your complete kitchen remodelling guide

The following kitchen remodel ideas are ways to make your kitchen feel fresh and new. We are not including radical demolish and rebuild proposals, but instead focusing on finishes and layoutstaps and lighting that can add value and enjoyment but not break the bank.

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#01 Two-tone kitchen décor

The two-tone trend in kitchens has been around for a while, combining contrasting shades for lower and upper cabinets. Subtle variations in shade and texture help differentiate and add dimension to the kitchen. This year 2022 we are going to see the trend get a little bolder with more vibrant and customised colour choices. 

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#02 Pantry cupboard: integrated, stand-alone or vintage

This trend can work as a dedicated integrated kitchen cabinet, with full height storage, or as a combination of salvaged freestanding pieces, such as a dresser and shelving unit. The idea is to pack as many dry foods as possible into the space available. Position the pantry so that it is easily accessible.

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#03 The kitchen island with waterfall sides

The freestanding kitchen island will go from strength to strength in 2022. There will be, however, a subtle evolution and consolidation of existing trends, including the following: 

  • Side panels that match the worktop material or ‘waterfall side panels’. 
  • Turning the island into a cuboid, block sculpture at the heart of the kitchen layout. 
  • Placing the storage drawers flush with the edge of the worktop on one side with a setback on the other to provide legroom. 

All in all, the island can be a practical addition to any kitchen with countertop seating, prep space, a sink or a hob, drawer storage as well as a focal feature.

Tip: The dimensions of your kitchen will determine whether or not an island can be incorporated. A free space of 100 cm is required between the worktops, or between the island and the cabinets.

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#04 The hidden kitchen

The hidden kitchen is a linear arrangement of cabinets and worktop that can be camouflaged behind folding cabinet doors. This trend will remain popular in 2022 with a subtle but marked variation; hidden kitchens will take on more of the architectural characteristics of the space.

If your kitchen doesn’t have any architectural features, then add some: 

  • Install quality flooring.
  • Set-out wall profiles to create a panelled effect.
  • Add modern coving to the ceilings.
  • Add built-in shelving, which will transform a characterless open plan area.


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#05 Match timber with timber

The timber and timber effect is going to be one of the biggest trends for 2022 with both rustic and more cutting edge styles. This connects to our awakening sensibility regarding the environment and sustainability. Adding natural timber worktops, timber effect flooring, shiplap panelling on walls and ceilings are all great ways to achieve the look in your kitchen.


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#06 Dark and moody kitchen

This year, dark and moody is all the rage in the kitchen. However, this trend is only suitable if, and only if, you have an abundance of natural daylight streaming into your kitchen. If so, paint the walls in a strong colour. Anthracite grey or emerald green is what’s hot right now. Choose dark wood-effect floor tiles, black or dark grey cabinet doors, and metallic kitchen taps to add drama to your kitchen.

E9.30 Xtone Stuc Ice / E7.90 Roble Alba

#07 A pop of colour 

For monochrome kitchens, either white or any other colour, break the monotony with a contrasting colour. Although so far the ‘pops of colour’ have been discreet, this year we are going to see bolder options for contrasting cabinets and walls.

E4.40 Limo Mate / Roble Puro / Cristal Transparente

#08 Open shelving

Floating or open shelving for kitchen storage will continue to gain popularity this year. The advantages of visibility, as well as added space, work best with premium wall tiles. Create attractive compositions with jars and storage elements, mixed with plants and decorative objects.

R3.70 Blanco Snow / R1.70 Etimoe Ice

#09 White kitchens

There’s no sign of the white kitchen being any less popular this year than it has always been. Its timeless appeal and bright, optimistic aesthetic is going to be even more in demand for 2022. Customise the look with timber floors, accent colours and daring accessories. The white kitchen does not have to be either boring or predictable.


E4.40 Limo Mate / Roble Puro / Cristal Transparente

#10 The kitchen sink

Forget the double sink, sink and-a-half and the shallow sink. The oversize sink is going to be bigger (and deeper) than ever in 2022. Also known as the Belfast sink, butler sink, French farmhouse or apron sink, the practical advantages are undeniable. To get the look, you will need to replace the entire base unit, where the sink is located. Alternatively, you can opt for an integrated sink, which will also be practical and stylish. 

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#11 Layered lighting

Apart from ambient and task lighting in the kitchen, layered lighting is going to be a trend this year. To be clear, this means lighting non-working areas where the steam, grease and heat of kitchens require specialist resistant light fittings. Layered lighting refers to a hierarchy of light fittings that focus on different planes and zones of the kitchen space.


Bridge Slim Single Lever Kitchen Tap

#12 Brass and copper faucets

The popularity of brass, copper and bronze finishes for kitchen taps is part of the ‘organic modernism’ movement. It is a celebration of materials that were once hidden behind walls and now take centre stage. The burnished gold colour adds light and a touch of luxury to the kitchen.


Guide to kitchen renovation design: getting started 

The first and most important rule for remodelling a kitchen is to set an overall budget that covers everything (including appliances) and stick to it. It is also advisable to hire an architect or interior designer to help you realise the full potential of your kitchen, especially if it is a large space, opens onto other rooms or connects to the outdoors.

Follow the steps below to make your kitchen renovation as successful as possible. These tips will help you get off to a good start:

  • Measurement and dimensions. It is advisable to know exactly what quantities are needed right from the start so as not to experience any nasty surprises during the project. This practical guide will help you to measure your kitchen precisely. 
  • Research online and visit a kitchen showroom. The more time you spend selecting and sourcing materials and finishes, the more successful the kitchen renovation will be.
  • Ask friends and family for advice. There is no better way to find an architect or builder than to ask around. Word of mouth will help you find trustworthy professionals.
  • Manage expectations during renovation. Ideally, you should vacate the house during construction. However, this is not necessary for more modest kitchen remodelling projects. You should be able to get by without too many interruptions.
  • Remodelling budget. Anyone who has taken on a construction project (or watched a makeover show) knows that allowing for a contingency is a good idea. Include all possible expenses in your budget so that you do not have any surprises during the process.

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In the UK, renovating a kitchen costs between £10,000 and £30,000 on average, depending on the fittings and level of finish. As a rule of thumb, you should budget between £60 and £200 per square foot (£650 and £2150 per square metre) for a kitchen renovation.

The following elements are usually involved in kitchen remodelling: base cabinets, wall cabinets, flooring, kitchen worktop, backsplash, taps, wall finishes, lighting (both task and ambient), soft furnishings and furniture items (stools for a breakfast bar or table and chairs).

For a typical kitchen renovation in the UK, you should allow between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on the extent of the work. Ideally, you should vacate the house during this time as water and other utilities will be turned off.

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