October 10, 2019

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Kitchen colour ideas, a world of possibilities

When it comes to introducing colour into the kitchen it should be remembered that there is a world of possibilities beyond white. It’s a room where we spend a lot of time so the decisions we make have to be lived with through the year. Practical considerations as well as decorative ones must be taken on board. Colour can be introduced using materials with specific colour characteristics or with paint. But what colour to paint the kitchen? The choice of kitchen paint colours is endless however the type of paint must be considered, one that can resist humidity and heat is recommended. Painted kitchens are the easiest and most economical way to provide a new look to this most important of spaces in the home. Here below we look at different kitchen paint ideas and colour combinations.

Kitchen colours, more than the sum of its parts

Because all kitchens include a combination of wall and base cabinets, splash back, kitchen island, ceilings and walls etc. the opportunities to combine colours are endless. Don’t be nervous about experimenting with colour, the worst that can happen is having to repaint. Remember that contrasting colours work well together in the kitchen as long as they are confined to individual components, i.e. all wall cabinets in the same shade.

A world of colour in the kitchen

Much depends on the design, rustic kitchens generally lend themselves more to classic colours like cream, greys and blues. While avant-garde designs can provide a canvas for a more daring colour scheme. However some tones like grey, blue, green and cream work with any style kitchen. Here below we examine specific examples of infallible chromatic combinations.

Combinations, variations and Accents

What colours go with grey? Perhaps the most versatile of neutral colours is grey which works well with yellows, blacks and blues in all shades. Light grey kitchens can be elegant and feel modern without sacrificing on light. Blue kitchens can run the gamut from midnight blue to baby blue, always elegant and always in style. Green kitchens including pistachio, mint and lime work particularly well when combined with wood cabinets and/or work surfaces. Cream kitchen cabinets can occupy the oatmeal or ivory part of the spectrum and can soften industrial look kitchens and bring out the rustic charm of a country kitchen.

Frequent Ask Questions about The Best Colour for Your Kitchen
What is the most popular colour for a kitchen?

White is still the go-to colour for kitchens, it suggests cleanliness and light which are never out of style.

What colour to paint a small kitchen to make it look bigger?

Cream, light yellow or ivory are good choices because these colours reflect the light and appear to add dimension. Use an accent colour to avoid a sterile or boring interior. Consider using a lighter shade on ceilings to add volume.

What colours to paint kitchen cabinets? 

Differentiate between wall and base cabinets to give your kitchen added interest. Keep base cabinets dark while wall cabinets can be more playful.

What is the most popular colour for a kitchen 2019? 

Trending shades for kitchens currently include light greys and oatmeal, while pumpkin, teal and violet are popular accent options for providing a pop of colour.


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