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Best Kitchen Colour Ideas

Colour is back in kitchens. Everything from neutrals to strong accent colours is on the table once again to customise kitchen décor and add character. With the right kitchen colour ideas, your dream design is one step closer to becoming reality, whatever the style.

Kitchen colour schemes aren’t just about adding a pop of colour to your cabinets or worktop. They can completely transform the overall look and feel of your kitchen. In fact, after deciding the optimum layout, kitchen colour ideas make the greatest impact on its design.

Colour is one of the most powerful tools in interior design, and adding it to your kitchen can maximise its potential. So, whether you’re going for a modern or traditional vibe, we’ve got you covered. We have a range of inspiring kitchen colour ideas to suit every taste. Read on to find an entire spectrum of possibilities.

Kitchen colour ideas - Buffet Forest E7.90 · Roble Puro - E5.90 Orégano Brillo

E7.90 Roble Puro · E5.90 Orégano Brillo


Ideas for colours in the kitchen

What is the best way to introduce colour into kitchens? Any kitchen surface is potentially an opportunity to feature colour. There are, however, several established ways that we will explore through this article. The following list of kitchen colour ideas represents the most typical ways that colour can be expressed but nothing is off the cards when it comes to colour:

  • Kitchen cabinets, islands, under counter & wall cabinets
  • Kitchen walls, whether it be wall tileswallpaper, paint, or other finishes
  • Fabrics and accessories including drapes, table linen, dishcloths etc.
  • Flooring – floor tiles are arguably the largest single surface in any kitchen
  • Furniture elements such as a table, chairs, stools etc.
  • Kitchen appliances & faucets
  • Kitchen worktops


Top 4 colour ideas for a kitchen

If we look at old photos of kitchens down the ages, the one thing that jumps out is colour, and how it marks an epoch. The daring technicolour shades of the 1950s and 60s marked a post-WWII exuberance. While the 1990s minimalism saw a return to basics after the colourful consumerist 80s.

Nowadays, colour in the kitchen is much more diverse and emancipated from fashion trends. For lovers of strong shades, there are wonderful forms of expression. Get the colour right and it has the potential to make small kitchens seem larger. Or to make grey kitchens appear elegantly sophisticated through added tonal accessories. The following kitchen colour ideas are a great starting point.


#1 Neutral kitchen colour ideas

When we talk about neutral colours in the kitchen, we mean shades like off-white, cream, oatmeal, magnolia, beige etc. In other words, colour schemes that appeal to the broadest range of tastes.


Neutral kitchen colour ideas – E3.70 blanco glass_blanco emotions® mate_cristal transparente

E3.70 Blanco Glass · Blanco Emotions® Mate · Cristal Transparente


Check out this kitchen, for example. The colour scheme and design work together to make it blend seamlessly into the space. The walls, countertops, shelving, and glass cabinet doors all match in neutral off-white colours and light wood tones, making the working parts of the kitchen disappear. The end result? It looks more like a built-in piece of furniture than a kitchen. Plus, the colour scheme ties everything together, even the large neutral grey floor tiles.


#2 Bold kitchen colour ideas

Get ready to inject some serious personality into your kitchen with bold colour ideas! Forget boring white cabinets, choosing vibrant hues like black, navy blue, or emerald green will make your kitchen stand out from the crowd. Don’t stop at the cabinets though – create a kitchen feature wall with some funky wall tiles.

But don’t worry, we are not recommending shoe-horning every bold colour imaginable into your kitchen. To balance things out, mix in some neutral tones and natural finishes like wood. Just a touch of a strong shade in a specific area can add some serious pizzazz. And don’t forget the power of pops of colour – even a small addition of bold colour against a neutral or white backdrop can breathe life into a simple design.


Bold kitchen colour ideas - e6.70 Nogal Seda_e5.70 Bottle brillo

E6.70 Nogal Seda · E5.70 Bottle Brillo


Looking to bring a touch of nature into your kitchen design? Look no further! This kitchen design draws inspiration from a serene forest clearing with its strong accent colours and timber tones. The emerald-green wall cabinets and under-counter timber panels perfectly complement each other, while the white marble worktop creates a neutral separation for these contrasting materials.

The dramatic luminous backsplash adds a touch of elegance to the design. The large format metal effect floor tiles match the kitchen cabinets timber tones, resulting in a well-balanced and cohesive colour scheme.


#3 Earthy kitchen colour ideas

Although colours are highly subjective, there are certain shades like terracotta, browns, beige and peach that have universal appeal. This colour scheme is perfect for UK latitudes and will make you feel right at home, complementing the natural landscape around you.


Earthy kitchen colour ideas - E9.30 xlight liem black silk_E7.30 roble polvo_E5.30 pizarra brillo

E9.30 Xlight Liem Black Silk · E7.30 Roble Polvo · E5.30 Pizarra Brillo


In this impacting kitchen design, the natural beauty of wood takes centre stage, used to face the kitchen island and open shelving with its tactile quality and warmth. Sleek high-gloss grey cabinets bring a touch of modernity to the space, while still retaining a cosy feel thanks to the earthy colour palette.

The attention to detail is impeccable, with everything from the worktop to the sink inset, lighting, and furniture – all thoughtfully chosen to complement the beautiful tandem of dusty oak and charcoal grey. Even the flooring tiles are carefully selected to enhance the warmth of the wood and the sleekness of the cabinets, with stunning marble veining adding an extra touch of luxury.

Combine sleek modern design and rustic warmth with this earthy kitchen design – your home will thank you for it!


#4 Monochromic kitchen colour ideas

If you’re looking for a stylish yet simple way to decorate your kitchen, why not consider using a monochromatic colour scheme? By playing around with different shades of a single colour, you can create a range of stunning visual effects throughout your kitchen.


Monochromic kitchen colour ideas : R3.70 Blanco Snow_R1.70 Etimoe Ice

R3.70 Blanco Snow · R1.70 Etimoe Ice


Take, for instance, the light beige and white colour scheme used in this gorgeous hidden kitchen with an island. The clever use of colour helps to define the different areas of the kitchen, with the wall cabinets blending seamlessly into the background when not in use. On the other hand, the white island stands out as the centrepiece of the space, with a convenient storage inset that matches the light wood finish of the cabinet doors.

Overall, the clean lines and contrasting finishes create a truly modern aesthetic that is both practical and beautiful. And notice how the reflective grey flooring serves to unify the entire room, creating a cohesive and stylish kitchen that is perfect for cooking, entertaining, and relaxing.


Colour quick-fixes for kitchens

In addition to the cabinets and worktops there are other, more immediate ways to add colour. The ideal solution to brighten up existing kitchens is to work with what you have available. A coordinated colour scheme for kitchens will include several mutually complementary shades. Pick a dominant colour and work around that shade to bring in other elements, these might include:

  • Paint ideas for a kitchen: One of the simplest yet most impacting ways of introducing colour is through paint. To decide on kitchen colour ideas for the wall, there are some simple rules to follow. Neutral, pastel and off-white colours complement white cabinets. Wood on the other hand combines well with stronger accent colour shades.
  • Kitchen backsplash ideas are an opportunity for more whimsical colours and experimentation. Wall tiles are the gold standard way to transform a practical hard wearing backsplash treatment into a colourful feature.
  • Kitchen paint colour ideas do not necessarily have to be confined to walls. Kitchen paint ideas can include the ceiling. Although traditionally a less exploited surface, it can radically transform the perception of the space. Depending on the circumstances, great colours for a kitchen can be found right over your head.


The best colour for kitchens

Generally speaking, colours on the lighter end of the spectrum are recommended for UK kitchens. Meanwhile, cabinets and worktops can be more daring and walls and fabrics should reflect as much light as possible.

Finding a balance is important because you want to get cabinets and worktops right the first time. The kitchen is, nevertheless, a workspace and adequate levels of light are critical to its correct use. Having said that, kitchen paint colour ideas can be a little more experimental.

Unlock the Power of Colour

To get a better and more complete understanding of how colour impacts kitchen design, we recommend you visit your nearest showroom. Only then can you unleash the true power of colour to create the kitchen of your dreams.


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