July 19, 2019

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Best Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have become a trend in the design of modern kitchen sets today. And it’s not hard to see why given their high degree of functionality and their extraordinary visual appeal. For a start, they can provide lots of room to move about and cook at ease, and are perfect for friendly family breakfasts, to prepare lunches, dinners and even for bake. Besides, many of them incorporate seating, which allows family and friends to relax and enjoy the conversation while you all prepare the meal.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Functions aside, the inclusion of a kitchen island also allows you to be more creative about the materials used, for example, in the worktop surface or the cabinets. In this regard, you can afford to be bolder here, looking for contrast between the island and the rest of the kitchen in terms of colour or finishes. Read on for more remarkable kitchen island ideas.

White and blue kitchen island: following the design trends

Nothing is more up-to-date and minimalist than pure white countertops. We recommend you to choose them to add a touch of modernity to your kitchen space (whatever the style of it). Moreover, they combine perfectly with blue cabinets, creating a beautiful setting that all your guests will envy.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Credit: @seapointeconstruction

Stone worktops: more than a safe choice

Natural stone countertops are durable and versatile, and they never go out of fashion. Moreover, they combine with every interior design – from rustic to contemporary, passing all styles in between. In this particular kitchen, they add a peaceful and glamorous look, thanks to the choice of white as its dominant colour.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Credit: @seapointeconstruction

Wood countertops: bringing organic beauty to your kitchen

If you want your space to feel more approachable and intimate, choose wood countertops for your kitchen island. They provide a rustic charm that will bring the ambience of the forest into the home. Mix it with indoor plants – such as a monstera or a rubber plant – to achieve a more authentic and enchanting look and feel, as you can see in this picture.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Credits: @fridaflorentina

Black countertops: the best way to make a statement

Dark counters – whether textured or glossy, solid or veined –  stand out in spaces of all styles, especially when you pair them with bright white cabinets and wood tiles. Moreover, they serve to conceal the glass-ceramic hob and thus achieve a more clean design.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Credit: @escalarxyz

Grey countertops: the most neutral option

When it’s said that grey is the new white, it’s not by chance. Grey is the most neutral colour around, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a sober but sophisticated style. Grey countertops, therefore, are great for you if you want a soft, friendly vibe in your home.

Kitchen Island Ideas

Credits: @bella_myhome


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