October 30, 2019

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Kitchen design ideas: how to design a kitchen island

Kitchen islands have become a trend in the design of modern kitchen sets today. And it’s not hard to see why given their high degree of functionality and their extraordinary visual appeal. For a start, they can provide lots of room to move about and cook at ease, and are perfect to cook, eat, socialise and even work. Besides, many of them incorporate seating, which allows family and friends to relax and enjoy the conversation while the meal is prepared.

Functions aside, the inclusion of a kitchen island also allows you to be more creative about the materials used in the worktop surface or the cabinets. In this regard, you can afford to be bolder here, looking for contrast between the island and the rest of the kitchen in terms of colour or finishes. Read on and discover the best kitchen island ideas.

L-shaped kitchen layout with island

Located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, this kitchen has everything you need to amaze your guests: a central island facing the living room with seating area, large format decorative elements that break with the neutrality of space and white finishes that add style and sophistication to any kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen with center island

This is the perfect choice if you want to make the most of every inch.  If you have enough room, as it is the case of this kitchen of a project carried out in Washington DC, use one of the walls as storage space, one another to locate the cooking area and, finally, place the sink under the window to take advantage of natural light when you are cleaning and preparing food. The island, located in the middle of the kitchen, will work both as a dining area and a work space.

If, by contrast, your space is limited, consider adding a stove or a grill on your island. This way, you will get more worktop space and storage above and below the appliances. You can see an example in the following picture, from a project also carried out in Washington DC.

Elongated kitchen with island

If you have a long and narrow kitchen – like the one in this house located in Saddle River, New Jersey – and you like to cook, consider adding both the sink and the cooktop on the kitchen island. By doing this, you will have lots of room to move about and cook at ease, without having to be up and down constantly.


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