February 4 2021

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Choosing the right kitchen & dining room furniture sets

Like a three-piece suite and nest of tables, kitchen and dining room furniture sets go together. Here below we explain why choosing a furniture set is a good idea when it comes to comfort and elegance.

The difference that the right choice of furniture can make to a room is remarkable, in terms of scale, material and design. Get it right and the space can appear bigger, brighter and more inviting.

Equally, get it wrong and the overall effect can be just the opposite. Deciding on the optimum décor for your home should include kitchen and dining room furniture sets. This is true for neophytes and experienced interior decorators, investing in a set takes all the difficulty out of matching tables and chairs.

After the kitchen cabinets, the furniture is the next most important investment when it comes to getting the most out of your kitchen and dining room. The height, comfort, materiality and design are among the criteria that need to be considered before selecting the right furniture for your kitchen and dining room.


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Suitable materials for kitchen & dining room furniture sets

Every material used for making furniture has its own inherent logic in terms of how it is best expressed. These innate characteristics have been exploited by craftsmen and craftswomen down the ages to create the pieces that furnish our homes.

While most furniture today is factory-made the origins of hand made crafts are still legible in their forms. When it comes to the kitchen and dining room the table and chairs tandem is a case in point; chairs are normally shaped to the human form while the table provides a sturdy and smooth surface for dining and other activities.

The materials we choose for these spaces should be considered in their totality; think of the furniture set as an installation or an integral element of the space and choose the material accordingly.

Aupa Stool

The warmth and malleability of wood

Take wood, for example, wood is an easily worked material in terms of adopting shapes, curves and profiles. If we consider the first mass-produced chairs of the 19th Century we think of Chair No. 14 by Thonet (also known as the coffee shop chair no. 14), still in production today.

The bentwood process defined a lightweight, curved and affordable chair that still exerts an influence on contemporary chairs. Wood is a particularly suitable material for kitchen and dining room chairs given its tactile warmth, compressive strength and portability.

Clearly, these qualities also make wood a good choice for tables, and given the variety of timber and its different treatments, a wooden table can make both a practical and elegant kitchen or dining room table.

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Stone and marble surfaces

On the other hand, stone and marble make excellent surfaces for dining rather than sitting. The weight is a bonus, as one of the qualities best suited to the kitchen and dining room table is stability.

Low porosity and easy maintenance are also important considerations and that is precisely why stone and marble are such popular choices for kitchen worktops.


Forma Chair

Ergonomics and comfort of kitchen and dining room furniture sets

In addition to design, the comfort of sitting at a dining table and the relative position of the chair to the table are important considerations. Typically the dining table is 76 cm above floor level while modern chairs are 50 cm in height.

This leaves a gap of 26 cm to allow for leg room when sitting at the dining table. Making allowance for the thickness of the table surface we should aim for a 12 cm gap minimum. The beauty of the kitchen and dining furniture set is that these proportions are already considered.

However, the ergonomics of the dining table must also be applied to the distance of the table from the nearest walls to ensure that chairs can be easily pulled back when required.


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Mixing and matching materials in the kitchen

The contemporary kitchen has become a showcase for our own individual design sensibility. That helps explain why organic materials like wood, stone, metal, ceramic and marble are such popular choices.

If we confine kitchen décor to a select palette of materials (as we might with colour) then combining two or more can produce elegant and practical results. Like the combination of timber cabinets and a stone breakfast bar/kitchen island.

Add metal stools with a lightweight mesh base and the contrasting qualities of solidity and transparency lend the space an air of designer chic.



XTONE Bottega Caliza


Variations on the same material for kitchen furniture

Nature has provided the planet with a wide variety of tree species, the differing qualities of which have been exploited by furniture makers. Hardwoods and softwoods have very different applications when it comes to interior design for the home.

A hardwood kitchen counter can be matched with a softwood chair or stool at the breakfast bar against a backdrop of matching cabinets. The ergonomic chair silhouette in this case provides a foil to the cubic kitchen design.

Similarly, two tones of marble can create a dramatic contrast when used to differentiate worktop from the dining table. Matched with a tubular metal chair or lightweight timber chair and the set is complete.



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Dining room furniture sets

For the dining room that is either visually connected or separate from the kitchen choosing a table and chair furniture set is also advisable. The focal point of the dining room is inevitably the table and chairs.

Different materials can combine to create a dramatic décor that can be beautifully accessorised with lighting and table dressing. The marble tabletop with timber chairs is a classic combination that exploits the inherent characteristics of these materials.



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FAQs regarding kitchen and dining room furniture sets

Just as choosing a kitchen layout cannot be done without looking at kitchens selecting kitchen furniture should also be done in a showroom. Unlike other pieces of furniture it is important to actually try out the chairs and sit at the table to make sure that the furniture set works for you in terms of its proportions and comfort. Scale and materials are two other considerations that can only really be appreciated when seen in context. This helps ensure that the set is the right size and design for your specific circumstances.

Any items that is not fixed into place within the kitchen can be considered as kitchen furniture. This primarily includes the kitchen table and chairs, free standing cupboards etc. While fixtures and accessories would include the taps, curtains, lighting and other decorative objects.

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