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Kitchen feature wall ideas to refresh and inspire

Are you tired of your kitchen décor? Then we have the solution to inject new life into kitchens whose best days are behind them. Without breaking the bank! The kitchen feature wall ideas that are trending right now will add a fresh aesthetic and culinary inspiration. Read on to find out more about kitchen feature wall ideas.


Kitchen feature wall ideas_Kitchen feature wall ideas_Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles_1200x600

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Modern kitchen feature wall ideas

The idea behind this trend is simple. Create a focal wall with a decorative finish that works within the parameters of the overall décor. Or indeed, it could be a total contrast with the current décor. There are any number of ways to create a kitchen feature wall. Depending on your budget and your timeframe we have some life-enhancing suggestions for you. Wall tiles are a great starting point but are not the only way to create a kitchen feature wall by any means.


Kitchen feature wall ideas, the basics

For kitchen feature wall ideas to work best, they must be coordinated with the overall layout and organisation of the kitchen. That might mean a galley kitchen, a kitchen island, an L configuration, etc. Whatever the layout, it’s important to maximise visibility. After all, what’s the point of a feature if no one sees it? Keep these criteria in mind to maximise the effect:

  • The architecture of the space might suggest a feature wall. Like an inglenook or an alcove where the kitchen table fits nicely.
  • Don’t choose just one wall. Include two or three or the entire kitchen as the feature.
  • A feature wall requires visibility so if you choose the backsplash area then use floating shelves for storage instead of cabinets.
  • Natural and artificial lighting must be included in the overall design to ensure optimum results.


The Top 5 Kitchen Feature Wall Ideas

There are any number of ways to create a kitchen feature wall. We recommend starting with the tried and tested ways that lend proven results. The most popular ways to add verve to a feature wall are outlined below, in no particular order:


#01      Stone Cladding

#02      Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

#03      Paint & Wallpaper

#04      Practical Inspiration

#05      Custom Artwork


#01      Stone Cladding

With stone finishes, the kitchen is transported back to our cave-dwelling origins. There is an intrinsic beauty and a quality about natural stone that no other material equals. Use stone cladding as an accent wall for the kitchen backsplash for the best result. Choose a stone that complements the cabinetry, whether it be with regard to texture, colour or decorative effect.

Stone Cladding - Kitchen feature wall ideas

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Moody kitchen in stone backsplash accent

The clutter-free backsplash in dark tones draws the eye to the matching worktop and the texture of the timber cabinets. The colour scheme is complemented by the feature kitchen wall, while the integrated artificial lighting ensures a moody and dramatic aesthetic even after dark.

Kitchen feature wall ideas_Large format sintered stone

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Luminous marble feature wall

This marble effect feature wall is displayed to great advantage combined with minimal storage cabinets. The kitchen layout occupies an alcove with the marble used to cover two walls. The veining matches the worktop marble and creates an integrated coherent look.

#02      Ceramic and Porcelain tiles

For sheer variety and versatility, the ceramic and porcelain tile kitchen feature wall is the fail-safe choice. Even straightforward metro and brick tiles have enormous potential if treated in a more decorative way. Wall tiles in the kitchen are perfectly suited to its humid conditions. Plain and patterned wall tiles can adapt to any décor, from traditional to modern, rustic cottage core to industrial loft style. Their looks combined with the simple maintenance prove the exception to the rule, sometimes you can have it all!

The simple metro tile as feature wall

The kitchen feature wall can be created using a simple uncomplicated tile, like this example. Here the minimal joints and horizontal lines of the white tiles draw attention to the decorative qualities of the worktop. Artificial lighting and detailing are used to make a feature out of its very simplicity.

Floral pattern kitchen feature wall

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Floral pattern kitchen feature wall

The floral pattern of this feature tile is the very essence of subtly. When used as a backsplash, the practical and decorative qualities of ceramic add a focal point to the kitchen. This tile works best combined with simple cabinetry, so let the floral pattern be the focus of attention.

#03      Kitchen feature wall wallpaper and paint

For a more whimsical and ephemeral kitchen feature wall then it’s hard to beat paint and wallpaper. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to doubt the impact that paint and wallpaper can have. Strong contrasting paint colours can highlight kitchen cabinetry and dramatically alter its perception. Likewise, the use of printed rolls of paper with decorative motifs, textures and finishes can radically transform a kitchen thanks to improvements in printing and material technology.

Be daring with kitchen feature wall paint ideas; it’s only paint after all, and be changed if you are not happy with the results. We suggest the following ideas to help get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen:

  • Daring colour tones used as a contrast to more neutral kitchen cabinets.
  • Black can be a bold choice, especially when combined with metallic backsplash finishes and accessories.
  • Colour doesn’t necessarily mean block colour. Combine two or more paint colours using stencils for a mural artwork effect.
  • Commission an actual artwork! A painted mural can tell the story of your family. Make it figurative or abstract using your favourite colours.


 #04     Art Feature wall in the kitchen

For the artistically inclined, the kitchen feature wall is the ideal excuse for a mural. And mosaic tiles are the perfect medium to create an abstract inspired kitchen artwork. With the wide variety of tiles available today, there is literally no limit to your creativity. And because the kitchen is a practical space above all else, the addition of art is all-the-more powerful.


Metallic mosaic kitchen artwork

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Metallic mosaic kitchen artwork

The combination of reflective and matt metallic square tiles in a grid pattern is visually impacting. This statement mosaic is part mural and part mosaic, while adding a warm colour hue to the kitchen setting. The contrasting textures absorb and reflect the light back in a golden copper tone bath of light.

#05      Practical inspiration feature wall

Make your kitchen feature wall work for you. This could mean using a practical wall surface like a pin-board, as an area for messages or recipes, written in chalk on black or green ‘blackboard’ paint. Or a family notice board where photos,‘mementos’ or birthday dates are pinned. Alternatively, create a floor-to-ceiling storage unit with glass doors to store crockery and decorative table ware. Even floating shelves can be re-imagined into a statement installation.


▶ Given the enormous variety and styles of feature wall designs, we recommend a visit to your nearest Porcelanosa Showroom. There you will not only find inspiration but also can consult with a salesperson about your specific kitchen layout and its potential for a feature wall. Additionally, you can also browse our product selection in our online store.

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