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Kitchen designs that will triumph in 2021

Which elements will characterise the kitchen of the future? The year 2021 is just around the corner and with it comes new kitchen trends.

When thinking about the kitchen of the future, some people imagine a high-tech room. Others lend more importance to the style or a materials. Butwhat will the kitchen of the future be like?

The latest kitchen trends for 2021

Changes are becoming more evident every year in terms of the structure of the kitchen and the space in which it is located. While a few years ago the trend was focused on separating zones clearly, today more importance is given to open-plan designs.

Open space is one of the major trends by kitchens, in terms of the area they occupy in the property. That is why the kitchen designs that will triumph in 2021 will be along these lines.

1- Kitchen E9.30 XLight Liem Grey E6 Roble Torrefacto Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa

Removing barriers and joining spaces is the trend being followed by interior designers and architects. This allows the house to be much more navigable and less restrictive. Las kitchens of 2021 will be the perfect place to cook and, at the same time, enjoy the company of family and friends.

With regard to materials,next yearwill continue to see the use of natural wood in the kitchen to try to mitigate a look that is too futuristic and cold. Cement colours and ceramics with natural textures such as stone or marble (and the bookmatch effect) will also be used to offer a chic touch.

3-Kitchen E7.90 Roble Polvo E4.90 Limo Mate Gamadecor Porcelanosa

#01. Small modern kitchens

Not all homes can have a spacious kitchen with a large island. However, incorporating a modern kitchen into small rooms will be possible if we open space up and remove partitions. This makes the kitchen more comfortable, accessible and practical, however small it is.

#02.Modern island kitchens

Another common way to structure a kitchen is to take advantage of all the available space and create an integrated meeting space in the form of an island. It is true that a lot of space is needed for a proposal like this, but if you have it, it is an option to consider.


#03.Modern white kitchen

White is a timeless colour. It has been a trend in 2020 and will continue to be used in 2021, in both large and small kitchens. It provides amplitude and produces a sensation of cleanliness.

Tiles for modern kitchens

Ceramics are another element that never goes out of fashion. But when designing a kitchen, what type of tiles should you lay and how should you decorate them? The first step is to have a clear idea of the aesthetic you want your kitchen to have, and to make sure this is in line with the rest of the house. From there, these are the ceramic tiles proposed by PORCELANOSA Group.

Metro style tiles

For industrial or modern kitchens, one of the best options is small, elongated pieces. ‘Metro’ tiles are able to lend a retro air to spaces. 

Lines Cambric Persian White Classico

Coloured pop tiles

To combine with a white kitchen, we can thus using elements than provide a fresh and lively contrast. For this reason, tiles with intense colours are one of the trends in kitchens for 2021.

Rhomboid Cream L’Antic Colonial

“The Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen Gamadecor Porcelanosa 1

Gamadecor’s Smart Kitchen informs the user about the food available in the kitchen through an artificial intelligence system that detects the status of the food.

Nowadays, smart kitchens are a reality. This type of model is the main focus of Gamadecor, Porcelanosa’s specialised kitchen firm, in 2021. Designs that facilitate users’ day-to-day life and in which home automation plays a key role.

The technology in PORCELANOSA KITCHENS incorporates shopping aids by providing the user with information about the food stored, or ideas to make the most of these products with a special emphasis on health.

Kitchen distribution: Which one to choose?

The distribution by a kitchen depends a lot on its style and the the space where it is going to be. There are many different options in terms of distribution.

2-Kitchen Wabi E9.30 XTone Stuc Ice E7.90 Roble Alba Gamadecor Urbatek Porcelanosa

Distribution of a long and narrow kitchen

For a long and narrow kitchen, the best option is usually to incorporate high and low units that distribute the contents over the entire area. They are the best type in rooms that do not fit an L-shaped kitchen.

Kitchen R1.90 Nogal Moon R1.00 Cool

Distribution of a small kitchen

In small kitchens good distribution is essential. With the use of suitable furniture, it is possible to have a small kitchen that is very practical, stylish and with all the comforts.

L-shaped kitchen distribution

L-shaped kitchen are one of the options used the most when looking to make the most of the space and integrate the kitchen with the with the rest rooms of the house.

Distribution of kitchen cabinets

For choose the distribution of kitchen unitsit is essential to know the useful surface area with the that it has. In some cases, it is practical to install an island to obtain more storage and, in others, it will be necessary to incorporate high units.

Linkfloor Multiformat Silver Antic Colonial Porcelanosa-1

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