October 15, 2020

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Kitchen Design Ideas for a Better Lifestyle

All of us are more conscious of what we eat today, as part of a general healthy lifestyle, diet is a big factor and every new scientific study that’s released seems to underline that belief.

Having a well designed kitchen, somewhere pleasant and bright where you want to spend time, is a great encouragement to healthier food choices and honing cooking skills. Simply put, when it comes to our diet the more freshly prepared dishes we consume the better and equally the more we can cut down on processed foods the better for our overall wellbeing. Kitchen design ideas are the key to converting our kitchen into a more efficient, more appealing and more inspirational environment to indulge in all things culinary. This article considers 12 kitchen design ideas that can be applied to any kitchen no matter what the layout. But first, let’s look at some generic kitchen design configurations.


The most common generic kitchen design layouts

No matter what space you have available in the home there is a suitable kitchen layout that reflects the classic work triangulation: food preparation and cooking, washing up and food storage area. 

All modern kitchen designs follow this rule. The L- shaped kitchen is great for small and large spaces, highly practical this configuration is extremely flexible. The Galley kitchen works for small reduced spaces where 2 rows of cabinets face one another, a minimum of 1200mm is required between however. The One Wall kitchen gathers all the cabinets and appliances into one continuous run, while the Free-standing or island kitchen requires a large space with specific plumbing requirements. Follow this link for some inspirational kitchen layout ideas.


Choosing a layout for your kitchen? Download our kitchen planner and get started.



12 easy to follow kitchen design ideas

We have put together 12 kitchen design ideas for you to custom design your own kitchen.

From kitchen tiles to plants, incorporate these ideas into your home to help create a nicer place to spend time. These ideas are equally appropriate for new designs or freshening up existing kitchen layouts.


#1. Kitchen wall tile design ideas

Although perhaps the most involved in terms of investment and hassle, changing the wall tiles is like an instant facelift for the kitchen. Invest in a good quality tile that will brighten up the space and transform the surroundings. Match the backsplash with the worktop for coordinated kitchen décor.


#2. Kitchen floor tiles

Although easy to overlook, the next major transformative element for kitchen design is the floor tiles. Tiles are a practical way to maintain this area that provide robust resistance to wear and tear and look great too.  Choose a large floor tile for bigger spaces and vice versa.


#3. The kitchen worktop

It’s a given that quality materials cost more; investing in a kitchen worktop will pay for itself over time. Natural materials like marble and wood nowadays are matched by man-made options like porcelain and composite options which allow for enormous colour variants. Add length to create a breakfast bar or informal dining area.


#4. Kitchen cabinetry

After the walls and floors, kitchen cabinets are the next biggest investment when it comes to kitchen décor. For the designer look combine complimentary finishes for base units and overhead cabinets. Glass or translucent panel doors can provide a luxurious feature.



#5. Add more storage

If you want to create the kitchen of your dreams then maximise the storage and reduce the clutter. Even for existing kitchens there’s always space for more storage, corner pantry units, shelving over wall cabinets, extra hooks for pots and pans, racks displaying dry goods and spices, etc.


EMOTIONS E9.30 / E7.30 / E5.30

#6. Kitchen extractor

For easier cleaning and improved hygiene a good quality extractor fan is essential, a good one will make sure the kitchen environment is fresh by cutting out lingering smells. Nowadays the range of fans is vast, their performance is exceptional, and their design can in fact enhance the kitchen design as a whole.


#7. Natural light

Make the most of any available natural light, not only will it brighten up the kitchen, it also helps make food look more appetising. This could be achieved by fitting a roof light, or painting the reveals of existing windows.

RESIDENCE R1.90 / R1.00

#8. Artificial light

In northern climes, the time spent in the kitchen after dark is roughly equivalent to the time spent in daylight. So, designing a lighting scheme with several light sources gives great results. Task lighting, pendant lamps and more decorative pieces can all be combined within the same space.


#9. Connect inside with outside

Ideally, a folding or sliding patio door leading to an outdoor terrace or garden area connects inside and outside. But even a window with a view or a planter box with herbs provides some degree of connection that the kitchen will benefit from.

BERNA ACERO 100X100 / DECO BERNA 59.6X59.6

#10. Furniture elements

Choose a free standing piece of furniture like a vintage dresser or dining table to customise your kitchen design. If your tastes are more modern then avant-garde chairs and stools can lend character.


#11. Add greenery to the kitchen

Having a collection of potted herbs will not only look great and be useful for cooking but will make sure your kitchen smells good too. The addition of leafy or flowering plants will contrast beautifully with the otherwise hard surfaces of the kitchen.


#12. Apply technology to kitchen design

With smart fridges, water saving sanitary fittings and energy saving appliances technology can easily be incorporated in a subtle but effective way to any kitchen design.


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FAQs regarding kitchen design ideas

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, start by consulting the classic kitchen configurations and then decide in which is the best one for your home. See above for the most common generic kitchen design layouts.

Food hygiene is greatly facilitated by good design in the kitchen. Food storage and preparation are part of that design process and should be decisive when positioning cleaning and food preparation areas. Installing modern taps and other appliances greatly helps.

Start by measuring the space and then considering the most appropriate layout and design. This step by step guide for how to take measurements for the kitchen provides a great starting point.

The open plan approach is certainly more popular now than ever. Some people like to cook while entertaining family or guests, others however prefer a separate approach where kitchen odours and chaos is kept apart.

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