April 1, 2021

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The best kitchen cupboard storage ideas to avoid clutter

If you have ever scratched your head and despaired about achieving an ordered kitchen, where everything has a place and where there’s a place for everything then read on. 

Having well organised and practical kitchen cupboard storage can help you on the way to a tidier space and maybe even provide culinary inspiration.

When we think about storage in kitchens we should really think of it as something positive that can add to the overall décor. The best kitchen cupboard storage ideas are ingenious, add to the design and, most importantly of all, are useful.

For anyone who might be slightly daunted by the idea of how to fit all the typical things that we find in the contemporary kitchen then we have some suggestions for you. We have compiled a collection of clever and attractive storage ideas with a surprising capacity for storing.



The different types of kitchen cupboards

Typically kitchen furniture includes wall cupboards, base cupboards, pantry cupboards and shelves in any given layout. However, what each of these contains, how they operate and how they are organised has undergone a revolution in recent years. There is no excuse nowadays for not making the most of the cupboard space in the kitchen.


As a preliminary exercise, it is advisable to rid the kitchen of anything that really is not being used and unlikely to be used in the future.

With all the wonderful kitchen equipment that exists nowadays, it’s hard enough to find space for those things that we do use on a regular basis.

To decide which objects to keep and which to discard, use Marie Kondo’s method and ask yourself if something brings you joy. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t belong in your cupboard.


Inside kitchen cupboard storage ideas

We should differentiate between base cupboards and wall cupboards because physically they have very different properties and therefore should be employed for different ends. The base cupboards are deeper, typically 50 cm and are only appropriate for drawer units. While overhead cupboards are more suitable for items we would like to have on display, like crockery, glasses etc.

Below worktop kitchen cupboard storage ideas

The trick with base cabinets is to get easy access to the back of them and make sure that all available space is used optimally. Here are six ideas:

  • One simple solution is to have pull-out drawers, either metal baskets or conventional drawers units. The sliding mechanisms of modern drawer units mean that they can be pulled out fully without fear of them keeling over. Remember to make use of drawer dividers because by grouping similar things together there is an overarching logic that saves time and keeps things simple.
  • Revolving carousels are not just useful for awkward to reach corner cupboards but can also increase the storage capacity of normal base cupboards. Pyramid style carousels are best for saucepans, pots and woks because everything is visible at a glance.
  • Toe-kick drawer units are an ingenious way of squeezing every last inch from your base cupboards. Clearly only flat and seldom-used items are suitable for these drawers which although limited in what they can store are nonetheless practical for oven pans and gloves, baking products etc.
  • The gable ends of base cabinets are also an underused resource, not only can you store dishcloths there but also kitchen utensils from hooks; items like graters, spatulas, sieves etc. can look convincing and may even inspire a recipe.
  • A clever way to get the most out of the sink base cabinet where cleaning products and such are stored is to suspend sprays, gloves etc from a rod midway within the cabinet. Or to add a decked wire tray drawer system that is shaped to fit under the U-bend trap pipe.
  • Creating space is another idea for below counter storage. Remove pots and pans, put them on display over the counter hanging from hooks or the underside of wall cabinets and voila you have just created more storage space.


Above kitchen cupboard storage ideas

Nowadays wall cupboards can be opened or closed, have glazed or opaque doors, have any number of clever mechanisms.

  • Vertical dividers, stacking trays upon which crockery can be stored, revolving carousels and other devices to increase storage space can work equally well for wall cupboards. Although they will be slightly smaller and limited in space.
  • The space over wall cabinets which are typically 230 cm over floor level can also be exploited for non-essential or rarely used kitchen items. As the standard ceiling height UK houses is 260 cm that leaves 30 cm of extra space for storage.
  • The inside face of wall cupboard doors, in the case of opaque panels, is a great place for storing spice or condiments. Hang a metal rack on the inside face of the door but make sure interior shelves are set-back.
  • Automatically descending wire shelf mechanisms; these lower when the cabinet door is opened and make the best of all available space. They are specifically useful for the height-challenged!
  • Hanging pots and pans, plates and glasses from racks attached to the underside of wall cupboards is a surprisingly effective way not only to store utensils but also an attractive kitchen feature. Especially if these utensils are attractive in their own right.
  • Don’t underestimate the humble shelf, add more shelves to the interior of the wall cupboards to take advantage of the available space. If it’s difficult to access the upper shelves invest in a small step ladder which is useful around the house anyway.


Kitchen corner cupboard storage ideas

The corner cupboard requires special consideration and treatment because it’s often underutilised in UK kitchens. The gold standard for corner units is the revolving carousel which is really efficient at both storing and displaying kitchen items. An alternative is a concertina-style mechanism that works on a hinged tray basis and means that even the deepest recesses of the corner can be reached.




FAQs regarding kitchen storage

Without doubt drawers are the better option. Because the mechanisms have improved greatly they are cost effective and provide much more practical storage under the worktop. However, some cupboards are always necessary to store more bulky items, so a combination of both is always recommended.

Pull out drawers, revolving carousels and stacking racks are among the most effective way of increasing shelf storage for base and wall cabinets.

Drawer dividers or individual trays can be arranged in such a way to group similar items together. Wire racks mean that even the space between shelves can increase in storage capacity. Revolving carousels will also expand on cupboard storage capacity.

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